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Hi guys,


The Epi Ultra III is the first electric guitar I ever purchased, been playing acoustic for awhile. I decided to give an electric guitar a shot. I been through two ultras and I am really disappointed with the quality of these guitars. The first Ultra III, had severe fret buzz and the USB didn't work after 10 minutes being plugged into the pc. Took it to my local guitar shop, and in order to getting playing right the frets had to be leveled and dressed in order to compensate for the bends in the neck. So, my best option was to send it back and get a new replacement.


I just received my second ultra III today, and the neck is perfect, but this time the USB does not work at all and the push switch for the NANOMAG and Pickups doesn't toggle between the two, both of them are always on. Also, when I use the tuner which suppose to mute the pickups they actually bleed through. I just find it kinda hypocritical these guitars got pass the QC test with all this issues. Even the quality inspectors checked that everything tested and passed, based of the warranty card.

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