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Firebird V Celebrity Series Limited Edition


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Hi Folks,

I have one of these babies I bought brand new from American Musical Supply back in June of 1992. Attached you'll find a pdf file of the Certificate of Authenticity stating that Gibson only produced 200 of these using "unique design features that we have never used before and will not duplicate in the future" cool. Now I was nosing around on the web recently and saw one for sale on Ebay claiming the same only 200 made but his "was one of a kind as it was a "mistake" and they put a rosewood fretboard on it instead of the ebony fretboard that mine and all the others have" he even indicated that Gibson only made 199 of these 1991 Celebrity series not 200 and his is special as a "mistake" and went on to say that he sent it back to get a "new" certificate indicating that it was a one of a kind.... Hmm I thought, his pic included the certificate and it was in color and my pdf shows as a grayscale however I know it's real as the serial number and signature are in blue ball point pen and I can see where the rollerball of the pen "skipped" as it was signed - so I know it's not a stamped signature! Any comments? BTW he was selling it on ebay for 11K - I suspect he really has a special axe or is well "full of it". BTW I love this guitar although the finish on the front of the headstock is not well real smooth - read something on the forums here about nitro cellulose laquor (sp) v.s. something else type clear coat...?!? These Celebrity models have black finish gold plated hardware, the super heavy banjo tuners, neck through construction, and mini P-90 humbuckers and the pickguard is labeled "Celebrity" and of course the serial and made in U.S.A. is stamped deeply into the back of the headstock. My good (departed - god rest his soul) friend told me this axe sounds just like a Les Paul '55 Black Beauty! Enough braggin' here (for now LOL) see attachments - oops, I don't see that option if you're a die hard gibson fan / firebird fan message or email me and I'll happily send you pics [biggrin]Gibson 1991 Celebrity Series Firebird V Cert.pdf

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Here is a copy from url="http://musicalinstrumentsonline.blogspot.com"]Under Tuesday, September 30, 2008 post date.

Rare Gibson Firebird One Of A Kind w / Documentation

P.S. Come to think about it from image supplied "]http://i1.ebayimg.com/08/i/000/f8/7f/3768_1.JPG where is the lid to the case??! and the combo lock is missing? Sorry I take that back he flipped it but bottom of case is shown in lid!?!!! Photoshop or what!?! ask to see my pic @ neofirebird@gmail.com not sure how to host it descretely..


Sale Price:

US $10,000.00



Very Rare! ONE OF A KIND, Gibson Firebird Celebrity Series Guitar. This is the ONLY ONE in existence with a ROSEWOOD FINGERBOARD. The original Celebrity Series Firebirds were made with ebony fingerboards and were limited to a production of only 200. This guitar was made to replace one of the originals which I received in damaged condition. By mistake, or accident, the builders used rosewood instead of ebony for the fingerboard. Rather than tear the guitar apart and have them put an ebony fingerboard on it, I opted to keep the rosewood and they created a special document to accompany the guitar and then the president of Gibson signed it. Subsequently, and a pleasant surprise I might add, the rosewood fingerboard actually sounds better than the ebony version. Guitar has never been played out, and only diddled on a handful of times since purchased some 17 or so years ago. Comes with signed certificate of authenticity(pictured) and original premium Gibson hardshell case with plush, purple lining.

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