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A n Epiphone Standard Plus Top, a Traditional Pro, and a Dilemma


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The Standard Plus Top that I ordered keeps getting delayed. I did get the Traditional Pro that I ordered, and other than some fret problems, it sounded awesome! The Traditional Pro is being replaced next week. I ended up paying $429.00 for the Traditional Pro and $381.60 for the Plus Top -- both great deals.


I am definitely keeping the Traditional Pro, once I get one that is in good condition. That is one of the best looking and best sounding guitars that I have seen. I really love the pickups that they are using in this one. I didn't get to play the Standard Plus Top, because it had a broken neck. The nearest Gibson dealer is about two hours away, so I can't just run down to the local music store, to play one.


While the Plus Top that I received was a beautiful looking guitar, I cannot imagine it sounding as good as the Trad. Pro. I know that this could be overcome, by replacing the pickups. I also know that the Plus Top Pros are going to be coming out, with the new pickups and the coil splitting.


I am trying to justify having two of "almost the same" guitar. The main justification is that I got a great deal on the Plus Top. The other is that I can change the pickups on the Plus Top, and have pretty much any type of guitar that I want out of it. I have started thinking, though, that maybe I should get my money back, for the Plus Top, and get a comparably priced Ibanez, Jackson, or Schecter -- more of a "metal guitar". I plan on the Trad Pro to be my main electric, and maybe that would give me a little more versatility. What do you all think?

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