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1970 Custom for 2008 Standard AND a Heritage


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Dear friends Les Paul lovers


Today i got into dilemma of giving my 2008 Les Paul Standard USA - Tennessee (beautiful sunburst) AND my Heritage H-575 Standard (1997 USA Kalamazoo) for a 1970 USA Kalamazoo Les Paul Custom (black)...

What will you do if you were in my position ?? Will you choose to exchange ?? Or keep the Standard and Heritage ?? I am a huge lover of the Custom though... give me some advice...


Here's my photos of the Custom i am going to take (by the way check for authenticity please)


Serial Number is : 12657

and the given price is USD 4.600


what do you say ?





post-2975-020359200 1330878047_thumb.jpg

post-2975-033069700 1330878054_thumb.jpg

post-2975-011195300 1330878061_thumb.jpg

post-2975-054346000 1330878069_thumb.jpg

post-2975-047015700 1330878076_thumb.jpg

post-2975-005411800 1330882859_thumb.jpg

post-2975-084718200 1330882870_thumb.jpg

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