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P94 orientation


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Hi all,

Excuse me if this is a dumb question, but:


I recently installed a P94R & P94T in my guitar. I understood that I should be using the black lead from one pickup and the white from the other as hot for hum cancelling. However, I find that unless I use the same color lead from both pickups as hot, I get a thin sound.


I noticed that on the schematic I'm using, it shows the pickups with the leads coming out of opposite ends: the neck pup has the lead going to the top of the guitar and the bridge has the lead going to the bottom (i.e. towards the jack socket).


I installed both of mine with the lead going to the bottom end. Is this correct, or should the leads be coming out of opposite sides?


Thanks for all comments!



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It doesn't matter how you physically mount them, it will have no effect if you turn them 180 degrees.


If you are getting a "thin" sound when using both pups together, it means they are out of phase with each other. Reversing the leads on one pup should correct this.

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