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57' Classic's v BareKnuckle Riff Raff's in 335?

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Hi all,


I have a 2000 ES335 Dot which I love, great player and excellent tones! I removed the 57'Classics as they were sounding a little dull and lifeless.(I think they would need looking at but I am sure they could be restored to their former glory).


These were relpaced with Bare Knuckle Riff Raffs, these sound 'great' for a rocky type tone but I am wondering if I lose a little of the definition when I back off the drive and look for a little snap in my cleaner tones.......does anyone have any experience with these pick ups in a 335?


Also, does anyone have any suggestions for the dull sound of the 57' Classics? Do you feel they would offer a little more definition?


I should point out I cant fault the tones of the Bare Knuckle pickups, I just cant shake the feeling that I should have the 57's looked at and give them aonther chance....


Any thoughts would be great!





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Hello, I have never played the Riff Raffs but I have the A II Stormy Mondays (unpotted) in my ES 335 and all I can say is that I will never look for another PU in that guitar. I browsed their forums and did a fair bit of research before deciding on the SMs (I was looking at SMs, Mules and Riff Raffs. They sound absolutely beautiful clean AND great overdriven.


I play a Silverface Fender amp and mostly use an OCD for overdrive and get a great tone with them (think Neil Young's `Mirrorball'). The bridge pick-up is great for chunky riff etc. It's definitely a classic/vintage rock sound you get with the SMs but I'm kind of thinking that that's what ES 335 players are after.


Having said that, I think the Riff Raffs would sound great also, probably a bit hotter when overdriven but with less clarity and top end sparkle when played clean (higher output, Alnico 5s). The Riff Raffs are probably better for you, if you're after a N.Gallagher type of sound.


Whichever you choose, I think you can't go wrong with BKPs, they're fantastic.


EDIT: Just re-read your post and figured you already have Riff Raffs ](*,)

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Yep, spot on, everything you have said there makes sense to me! That Mirrorball tone is amazing, im sure you have the Siverface and OCD sounding great!


The clips I had seen of the SM's were amazing, the Riff Raff's deal with the drive well and give excellent cleans too,I think im just being picky and going through the usual motions of never being 100% happy with my tone, I should stop complaining really! I think if I adjust the polepieces a little I could add a little more spakle if necessary, either way amazing pickups all round, its been so long since the 57 Classics were in the guitar I cant remember what they sounded like to make an accurate comparison!



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