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1972 Gibson SG Special - Photos & Info Request


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1972 Gibson SG Special






I have had this guitar since 1980.

I am not the original owner and the guitar is certainly NOT completely original.


Here is what I know about it:

- According to Gibson, it is a 1972 SG Special (SN 899300).

- Original pickups were replaced with humbuckers from a Les Paul back beofre 1980.

I replaced one of those with a Dimarzio Super Distortion Humbucker in 1982.

- The bridge is NOT original. The original was in bad shape.

- There was no pickguard when I got it. I installed the LP style pick guard.

- The switch-plate and hardware is totally customized. I added an on/off and stereo capability.

It used to have a slider type switch.

- Action is very good. Neck is good/straight

- Intonation is good.

- Sound Quality is typical for SG - certainly not LP quality.


Here is some info that I found about the SG Special:

In 1972 the sg pro was discontinued and reintroduced as the gibson sg special with 2 black mini humbucking pickups ( some w/ p-90s ), tune o matic bridges , 3 point pickguards , unbound fingerboards and were made in cherry or walnut finishes .




Additional Photos can be viewed at the following link.



I was wondering if anyone has any idea on the current value of this guitar.




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