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L5, 1 pickup or 2


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I read some where that 1pickup as in the wes version of the L 5 allows the top to resonate more naturally than a 2 pickup version. Is this true and is it something one would notice interns of tonal quality.


In theory..(Ive heard that too) Makes sense to A/B and see if it makes enough difference in practice.

I have the 2 pickup cause it looked nicer to me..thought may be better for rock music due to bridge pickup..and was best one in mint condition for sale on ebay at that time. I only play it acoustically though.

The good thing with one pickup is less holes in the top..but I am not expert...and it seems to be substantially less costly.

Good luck with it either is I think gonna make you very happy. Ive only plugged mine in once since 2004 when I got it.

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