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Info needed for Epiphone Pro FX pickups


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Hi folk,


First time here, I've been lurking on the forum for some time now but only just signed up!


Okay, I am wondering if there is anyone out there who can help me.

I have just purchased pickups that were taken from an Epiphone pro FX guitar.

I'm having problems identifying what wires does what, There are Green,White,Red & Black wires, could anyone

tell me what each wire represents Ei Earth ect ect.


I know the Epi Pro FX featured coil tapping, The guitar I'm going to be putting them in doesn't have coiling tapping nor do I want it to

so what's the best way around this? I plan to be wiring them up in H/S/H format with an individual ON/OFF mini toggle for each pickup with 1 Vol and 2 tone.


Any help would be gratefully received!


Many Thanks



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i GOOGLED wiring diagrams for coil tapping pickups, but can't say I found a definitive answer. If you haven't tried that already then start googling, you may get lucky. My GUESS is that you would solder both wires to the same pole so you stay in series, but that's a guess. Find yourself a guitar tech and pay them to do the install, shouldn't cost too much.

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