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changing tuners on my 335

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Hey guys, I have a question about swapping out the tuners on a 2011 335. The guitar came stock from the factory with the normal grover rotomatic tuners but I personally prefer the look of the keystone tulip pearloid style tuners that came stock on 335's from the 60's. How hard is it to switch to the keystone style from rotomatics? I know that the rotomatics have 1 screw hole and the keystone style has 2 but I have heard that it isn’t necessary mandatory that you drill a hole for the extra screw because 1 is strong enough to hold it. If possible I prefer not to drill into the headstock for the swap but if it is necessary I will do it for the extra screw hole. Also if anyone has done this what is the best brand to use to make this job as easy as possible? Are there any direct replacements? I have seen the keystone style tuners made by grover and also the gibson brand for sale.


Thanks in advance for any information you can give me.

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