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Help with a 78 SG Custom

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Hi Guys,


I'm new to this board, Been using my beloved 1978 Gibson SG Custom for a few years now, I switched to a Crate Tube Combi around 12 months ago, had nothing but problems with it, inc a severe volume drop...


I've also had this volume drop problem once lately on my practice amp a v,old BOX amp. I've just switched to a Marshall AVT150H and 1960 lead Cab. I've had the same problems again. On some research I've discovered that the wiring in a humbucker can cause this.


I've three on mine and not sure:


a: what the impedance should be on the pickups

b: what to look for on the wiring

c: if this is a common problem


I also use a tone works AX3000. If this helps


Any info would be much appreciated



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