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Les Paul Custom Shop 2002 Tour Guitar 1 of ??


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Hi there.. I was looking for some information on this 2002 Gibson Les Paul Custom Shop guitar serial number CS21953... I aquired the guitar from a friend of a member of Nickelback. He said the guitar was given to a member of Nickelback for their 2002 Jim Beam Road to the Rackhouse Tour. I know this would be hard to document, but I was curious what you can tell from the serial number.. How many were made like this etc.. I was told that there were 2 given to band members of Nickelback, but who knows.. It would be nice to know how many of these were built, and any other information anyone may have.. The guitar came with a bottle of Jim Beam Whiskey custom bottled for Nickelback.. Hard to believe nobody drank it, after all these years.. Any help or info would be much appretiated!

This is the guitarpost-46705-028150200 1346207585_thumb.jpg

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