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After trying to load my pictures,(won't load, file too big) I've determined to post anyway until I figure out how to make my pictures smaller according to guidelines. My es 345 is Walnut, 1973, I purchased it because I wanted an f slot, and owned a Gretch Streamliner growing up. The 335's were higher priced and the necks were not like the 345. It fit my hands perfectly.


Now I'm paying attention to the comments about stereo vs. mono. Both ways work. There wasn't much of a difference, other than the cord half plugged in. It sounded great both ways. Having two amps going at once is nice, switching between them is a breeze. If you don't want two amps then use the 2 independent channel amps. It was a blessing having worn my prs frets out. I've had the es 345 but have not needed it. Now I'm bonding to the great f slot.

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