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Abstract Modern Art on a "65 Melody Maker


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Hi All. A few years ago i bought a '65 Melody Maker... i'd seen one in a local music store and fell in love with it, but the $1400 price tag was more than i could afford to dish out. But i started looking elsewhere and few weeks later i saw one on Ebay for $500 - the catch? - the original paint had been completely sanded off the body. I put much more emphasis on the vintage tone and playability, so this didn't really bother me, and i snatched it up. And i got a lot of enjoyment out of it, but after a time the thin body did feel a bit naked. A friend suggested the possibility of doing a dipped/swirled paint job, and that intrigued me for a bit, but didn't quite seem to suit the aesthetic this instrument from the mid-60's.

A few months later i was at an art show and came across the modernist/abstract art of North Vancouver artist Sara Morison. I liked her work right away and made a note of it, but not until several days later did i realize that her style would suit the MM beautifully. I contacted her and asked if she'd be willing to paint the guitar & she agreed. We met and talked technicalities and specifics - what to paint and what not. I essentially gave her free rein aside from choosing a couple of colours (a pink and a blue) that i would like to see present in the finished work. I left the guitar with her for a month so she could take her time with it, and at the end i was thrilled with the results. Her work evoked the modern art/psychedelic aesthetic i was looking for, and i find it suits the instrument beautifully. Tone has been marginally affected... it feels a bit more solid... i like it better than before the painting.


Here's a photo post-46995-075828400 1347850172_thumb.jpg, and a link to the Youtube video she made of the process.






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