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Bigsby my 345

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I;ve done this with a B6 on my ES-330 and a Casino. Both times the top holes lined up fine and I used an over length strap button screw in place of the original, which meant the button was able to provide the support of the third. I've also installed B3s and B6s on other less valuable guitars with trapezes where I drilled into the guitar to mount them on the grounds that if the Bigsby were removed the new holes would be covered by the old tailpiece, so the mod would be invisablle unless the guitar were disassembled.


I suspect it would be easy enough to fill the holes in the hinge section of the Bigsby and redrill to match the holes for the trapeze, but I didn't feel that to be necessary with the Gibson and Epi.


Between the B3 and B6, the B3 will leave a lot of string between the bridge and tailpiece, so you might want to look at the B6. You'll need to check thre's enough break angle over the bridge as well, as neither Bigsby is designed for guitars with the tunomatic studs going direct into the body.

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