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Buzz with Jam Master mandolin


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I have a Jam Master f-style mandolin purchased in May 2012. I have a problem with a buzz which seems to occur at the 7th fret of the lower or outside G string. I had it setup by a Gibson-authorized repair shop in July and the guy found a couple of raised frets that he repaired. This has not eliminated the buzz however. Has anyone else encountered this problem and/or could offer some advice on what to try next? Thanks.

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I play electro mandolin in a folk orientated trio


Way cheap Chinese but very good for the money and who cares if it gets scratched... [biggrin]


Yes it buzzes at some points, but is not noticeable through the amp


Perhaps the downside of spending large money on a mandolin [crying]


Raising the bridge and/or trying a higher gauge string set may change things


But personal advice is to live with it...(what self respecting mandolin-ist gets up to the 7th fret anyway)... [flapper]





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