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Help with a Les Paul Custom Shop 1960 GC Electronics


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I was wondering if someone here might have some insight into this. I am looking at a "Gibson Custom Shop 1960 Les Paul GC Electronics VOS" for sale locally. I can find almost no information about this model and I believe it is discontinued.


It claims to have coil tapping, a phase switch and a 'kill' switch. The coil tapping and phase switching seem to work fine and make perfect sense. The kill switch has me baffled. It's in the position of the tone pot for the neck pickup. When it's down, turning the knob seems to do absolutely nothing. When it's pulled up, it seems to act like a tone pot, but in reverse!?!?! I can't believe this is what it's supposed to do. I would expect it to work like a tone control when down and cut all sound when up. At least that's how I've seen other kill switches work.


Anyone have any insight into this? Either I'm completely wrong about how this 'should' work, or it's not working. Hard to spend this kind of dough without knowing. Any help would be much appreciated.





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