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Music Junkie - Win a Free Epiphone Swingster - Saturday Nov 10th - Epiphone Day


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Hi Guys, we thought we'd let you know about an event we've got upcoming at Music Junkie in Leicester, UK - http://www.musicjunkie.co.uk

We're going to be celebrating all things Epiphone with the chance to win a free guitar on Saturday November 10th. Check this out below!


Epiphone are a company with a long and varied history of producing great-quality instruments, and we here at Music Junkie love them for it! That's why we've decided to have another one of our always-fantastic Epiphone Days - but this time there's a twist!


We'll have an expert from Gibson Europe here to give a talk on the history of Epiphone and current plans for the future, and he'll host a Q&A where you can find the answer to any burning questions you have about your guitar!


There'll be free T-Shirts and Accessory packs for everyone who buys an Epiphone on the day, and special deals in store as well as the usual drinks and snacks available.


But wait, I hear you cry - which is impressive when you think about it - you mentioned a twist! You're right, I did, and it's a biggie. Brace yourselves for this one...


How would you like to win a FREE Epiphone Emperor Swingster Hollowbody Electric Guitar? That's right, this incredible guitar could be yours. All you have to do is come on down on the day and, if you don't already have one, sign up for a free Music Junkie loyalty account - so not only are you in with a chance to win an incredible guitar, but you also earn points on your purchases. A win-win deal!


We're really looking forward to this - we'll be kicking off in-store at the only place for Epiphone Guitars in Leicester at around midday, so we'll see you there!


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