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"Gibson" Mandolin?


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I recently started playing in a Irish/folk band and while looking through my areas classifieds I found this Gibson f-style mandolin pictured below. I've been playing Gibson guitars for some time now but I'm rather unfamiliar with their mandolins. With that being said I still can't seem to find any similar looking Gibson mandolins online. I have yet to see one with the same Gibson logo and fretboard shape. Also, from what I've seen most Gibson mandolins list for $3000 and upwards yet the seller is asking for less than $500 for this instrument. Any help identifying this thing would be appreciated.



post-37005-055998300 1352423116_thumb.jpg

post-37005-093702300 1352423124_thumb.jpg

post-37005-043622000 1352423350_thumb.jpg

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Yeah, to me, it seems a fake. All the parts don't add up. You were right to question the headstock logo. I haven't really seen any F-style mandolins with a silkscreened logo, although I have seen some A-models with it. Also, the tailpiece is unlike any that Gibson has made. Usually if they are inlaid, it says "The Gibson" (which is also what older vintage, or re-iussue F headstocks say) or has some type of floral pattern. But this pattern is unlike Gibson designs. I have seen them on ebay as aftermarket cheap but pretty looking replacements. The price is also way out of what it should be. Even Epiphone mandolins are about $500. There should also be a visible piece of paper through the F-holes that says the make and model and serial number, which I can't see. I think someone took a cheap mandolin and put the logo on it to build up the price. Although I could be wrong, it seems that the deal too good to be true is too good to be true in this case.

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