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2013 SG '50s Tribute

Rob Jackson

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I really like this instrument. I can hardly wait to try one out. I'd been considering an SG Special '60s Tribute, but wasn't a big fan of the Kluson tuners. Grovers on this new one and a 24-fret neck! This new model is extremely cool and I love the sans-pickguard look. Very nicely done.


The only thing I'd love to see is the "faded" finishes. I bought an SG Standard Bass Faded in "Worn Brown" this year and love the finish. Perfection. The "Worn Natural" on the SG Special '60s Tribute looks really cool, too.


BTW, I really love the humbucker mounted without a ring on the Les Paul BFG. I wish we'd see more of that. I'd love an SG with a pair of humbuckers mounted that way and just a single volume control and pickup toggle.


Anyway, cool times. This new SG looks like a keeper!



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