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Questions about an old case


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Recently I ran across this case and picked it up real cheap. I was hoping to put my LP Junior in it but it wouldn't fit. I have since found out it is an L6-S case.

However, as you can see this case has some mushrooms under the Gibson logo. I was hoping someone here might have some more info about this case? I have not been able to dig up any info on the mushrooms. Please don't tell me it was "kept in the dark and fed a bunch of crap"!








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Wow... I must have the one Gibson product that not even Gibson knows anything about!



Guess I'll try posting this photo on the Fender forum. They will at least lie to me about it and tell me it's really a telecaster case. :rolleyes:


Hey Wagster. The case you have already identified. It is not a Fender variety. I am not telling lies.


Your mushroom is probably a 'Leucoagaricus naucinus': not normally regarded an edible type of mushroom. It is easily confused with the 'Amanita virosa' which is definitely not an edible mushroom.

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