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Epiphone Lucille :humbucker splitting


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Hello I'm Guido from Italy.

I wanna di an hardware upgrade of my Epiphone Lucille. On my guitar I have change original Epiphone pickups with the original Gibson model 490T and 490R that have 4 condictors.

So I think : why not split the humbucker ? Can you give some suggests how to do ? What potentiometers, what wiring schema ?

Nay suggests are well accept.

Thanks in advance.


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Jimmy Page wiring gives you all that and more. As well as the coil splits, this allows you to use the pickups together in series and out of phase, and a bunch of other variations. If you just want coil splits, you can do something simpler.


The sound of the split is going to vary depending on the pickup. I'd expect to get a fuller tone from a hotter humbucker. A PAF-type low output 'bucker doesn't have so many turns of wire per coil. As a rough guide (and note that DC resistance is a very bad guide to pickup sound) you've got about 4k on each coil whereas even vintage single coil pups would be significantly higher.


One nice idea is to put a tap in one of the coils and then split at coil + one half, or coil + one third, or whatever. This adds more turns to the split and should fill out the tone (as well as giving a little bit of noise cancellation).


A split is never going to sound quite like a strat, but I think they can give you some useful options. Depends on the pickup.

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Thanks mcgruff for your suggest.

I would like to split each humbucker with a push-pull pot but without modify internal humbucker coil wiring

I would like to have various pickup selections

1-coil(bridge or neck ) + humbucker (bridge or neck )

1-coil (bridge or neck )

2-coil (bridge + neck )

and the actual setting with the 2 humbucker.

Any suggest for wiring coil on push-pull ?

It' better use the 2 push-pull on Tone pot ?

I would like upgrade pot and electronic : it' better use for all pot a 500k pot but linera for volume and logarithmic for tone ? I have found an Epiphone Lucille wiring that show 250k pot for vol and 500 for tone without specify linear or logarithmic, but I don't know if this schema is original and however is for original Epiphone pickups '57 and I have Gibson 490T and 490R.

ANy suggest about ?



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The push-pull switch is completely independent of the normal pot lugs so you can put them anywhere you like. You can also use mini-toggle switches.


A 250k volume pot with a humbucker might be too dark. Usually I'm trying to squeeze some extra brightness out of them.


I'm about to upgrade my own Epiphone Dot with Jimmy Page wiring and I'm planning to use 500K audio taper for volume and tone, Bourns PDB183-GTR01-504A2. Check out Mouser for a good price on high-quality Bourns pots. Measure up your Lucille first to make sure they'll fit!


I'll probably use 0.022uF Sprague orange drops for tone caps. I don't see any advantage with paper-in-oil, IMO.


Sorry I don't know the wiring diagram for what you want to do but you'll find it somewhere on the net.

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