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  1. you got rid of the double cutaway? thats sad! I love mine alot, i would trade my single cutaway for another double any day!! haha
  2. while trolling around craigslist I found a 79 marauder, figured id post it in case anyone here has been wanting one. Here it is
  3. yeah im def not an Ibanez guy either, i just thought the shape of the guitar had like a fender jag/jazzmaster type of shape to it, which surprisingly looked good with the 3 per side headstock.
  4. I am a fan of At the Drive in, I feel like they as well as the countered Mars Volta, and Sparta, are examples of not playing within the mold of modern music. but i agree i am a bigger fan of Sparta then the Mars Volta. but i enjoy both and hope that there could be a ATDI reunion! have you seen This??
  5. Yeah yours was the Gas starter on on this one! i couldnt resist when i saw it after seeing yours! mine has the JR. cavity, as far as i can tell, its July of 97, the serial is J97070615 i didnt even know that epi made a double cutaway before, then this one came up and i couldnt pass it up, especially for $100! so thanks for the inspiration for this one, i love it!
  6. well because, lets.start.a.riot, posted pictures of that beautiful Epi Les Paul Double Cutaway Jr. a couple times recently (thank you for that btw), I had an attack of g.a.s. that i couldnt resist when i saw one come up for sale an hour away for $100 so without further ado... Sorry all i have are the pics that were sent to me from the guy i bought it from, hope to have some new pics soon! that camera hasnt been found from the move! cant wait to get new pics of the whole family!!
  7. haha no its that double cutaway Jr. thats been getting me. i didnt know that epi made one either, but there was a guy over on the epi forum that had a beautiful tv yellow double cut, he also posted on the gibson double cut thread, and one went up for sale a couple days later for $100 with an epiphone tkl gig bag. apparently it was made in the late 90s when they used p90s in the Jrs, so i couldnt resist!
  8. well here it is .... Epiphone Les Paul double cutaway Jr. its a darker color, (maroonish) P90 pickup, not a Gibson but another really nice epi from the late 90s! New pics soon!!
  9. nope.... well.... technically your right-ish
  10. So fairly fresh off the deal i got on the Epi les paul Jr.... I posted it over at the epi forum, and while there gas hit me again! luckily days later i by chance found a cure an hour away at a good price... now for the fun, lets see if you can guess what i got.... it is another epi but thats all im saying (for now) a hint...... and since i cant seem to find my camera after the move, all i have are the pics that were sent to me from the previous owners of these guitars, cant wait to get some new pics of the whole family!
  11. Thanks! yeah it was def a great deal i couldnt pass up! it is so much nicer then i expected it to be!
  12. I posted this in Gibson lounge already, but thought i would share it here too, since it is an Epi! CHECK IT OUT
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