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  1. So sad. A rare talent, and from all accounts a wonderful human being.
  2. Everything we cooked tonight came from my family. Dad grew all of the vegetables, steaks were from a cow from my uncle's ranch. The steaks were very good, but to be perfectly honest the tomatoes were the highlight of the meal. My dad has had the same gigantic garden plot for nearly 35 years. He takes a massive amount of pride in his garden, he is the son of a farmer after all. The vegetables that come from his garden are out of this world. I worked as a cook/chef most of my life, and if I could buy produce half as good as the things that come from his garden to use in a restaurant people would line up around the block for it. 100% organic, only natural pesticides of his own concoction have ever been used. We will eat tomatoes every meal for weeks, and my mother will can what can't be eaten before the rest turn. Late summer/early fall is truly my favorite time of year, I treasure the harvest.
  3. 3 Floyd's is technically Indiana, very good stuff. In my opinion Half Acre is making the best beer in Chicago currently.
  4. In my neighborhood in Minneapolis there are least eight breweries and three distilleries. I make my living in the craft beer industry.
  5. If you haven't seen the films "Be Here To Love Me", and "Heartworn Highways" I highly recommend them. It will give you a new understanding of what kind of person Townes was. One of the all time greatest singer/songwriters in my opinion.
  6. Nice job! That first Darkness record is soooooo good, the guitar work on it is fantastic. I saw them on the first US tour and was blown away by the fact that they could recreate that sound live, I thought it was all studio production and that the live show wouldn't hold up, I was gladly mistaken.
  7. I went on Tuesday here in the Twin Cities. Another great show, 3+ hours, 27 song show complete with special guests via recorded video. The crowd was awesome, ranging in ages from pre-teen to 70+. While they are saying this will be their last big tour, I doubt we have seen the last of Rush, I would expect to see some smaller/intimate room gigs within the next few years.
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KzuSeaMy-aU
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qWrSg5znyMU
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2vnYKRacKQc
  11. I've got the SG fever for sure! I'm pretty sure that a white Special with P90s (huge Pete Townshend fan) and a '61 RI will be acquired at some point.
  12. boozeball


    I've got an amp, it's on permanent loan to a practice space that I have access to. It's a 50w all tube Laney that is way too obnoxious for home. I'm looking for a nice low watt tube amp for home like a VOX AC4TV.
  13. Happy NGD to you! I just picked up a 2005 SG and I'm totally loving it. Cheers!
  14. I've been wanting one forever, then the other day one of my favorite bands, Kadavar, posted this pic of them with all their SGs and I had to pull the trigger. Here is mine, sorry for the low quality phone pic, this thing is a real beauty, hard to find a scratch on it.
  15. boozeball


    Just picked up a 2005 Ebony SG Standard. I've been wanting one for a while and found a guy on craigslist that was willing to accept the price I wanted to pay. It's in really great shape, have to hold it up to your eye to see any of the slight scratches on the thing. Picture doesn't do this thing justice, all I have is a crappy phone camera. Stopped by a friends house on the way home and plugged it in to his 70's Vibro Champ (no amp at my place, been all acoustic for a while now) that has a nice little growl to it and was instantly in love.
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