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  1. Thanks P...I think the owner still thinks it's an R9 ,so it probably won't happen. I'll keep my goldtop :D
  2. I see your points here ,but from other info I've found the long tenon didn't come about until late 93. anything from 1983-early 93 had the short tenon, and some were reissues. This one does have reissue stamped in the bridge pup cavity. I also understand that when the classics came out they were very similar to the reissues at the time, so much so that some shady dealers were swapping a few parts to sell them at the higher RI price. The neck didn't really seem as slim as a 60s , but I may be wrong. thanks for all the help.
  3. This is the only photo I can get to load. The others are too big ,and I don't have software to resize them. I will keep looking.
  4. Very good info. A big help. It definitely has the finer font as the center LP. And since it has the reissue stamp. It does also have the yellowed inlay. The pups have PAF stickers which someone mentioned may be very early 57 classics ?
  5. This is SOME info I have found so far. Reissues: Early Les Paul reissues produced between the late 1970s and 1993 should have an inked-on serial number on the back of the headstock. The first number should indicate the last year of the production. For example, 8 0358 would be a 1988.
  6. Ok folks I have a question, or questions. I have been looking at a 1991 Les Paul standard. It looks like a 59, feels like a 59. Has PAF stickers on the pups , ink stamped serial # 1 3431 (or 3134). Stamped in the bridge pup cavity is reissue. Is this an R9 ?, or something else? What would be an average selling price ?..It has a beautiful top, but has some wear. thanks in advance. Tom
  7. Anyone know the nut width ,and string spacing on a 65 melody Maker ? Thanks in advance.
  8. Pics would be helpful. Gold is not stock for a 76 standard, nor is the TP-6..value depends on condition ,and how original it is . Hey...you have a 76 LP. :)
  9. 99% finished...feels good...and resonates acoustically like a mother. Sure hope it sounds like that through an amp. I will know soon as I get the intonation set. :)
  10. Cool, thanks. It was very interesting. My birth year would cost me a heap more :)
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