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  1. Cool wood Guitar. Have you heard about the National Guitar Museum?

  2. welcome to the forums!

  3. Youll need more posts to do so.

  4. i posted one.... but it was the double cut version
  5. who cares at least you have it i still love it this one is random
  6. i like that. its pretty cool!
  7. thats really cool. if you saw mine at the beginning, apparently i like unique guitars. but i also found that for 450 bucks, and im only 13 so..... BUT I STILL LIKE DISCONTINUED GUITARS CUZ THERE MORE VALUEABLE
  8. Guitarkid...I got the multi-layered pickguard, for my Double Cut Faded LP, from "Parts is Parts," in Vermont. I would guess, though, that Gibson would have them, since they make a custom shop variety, of that guitar, still.

    Good luck,


  9. how come you arent an active memeber. been one for 2 years. dont be shy!!!

  10. hmmm.... i dont know i have the same model but faded. i love mine to death. mine was discontinued in 2008
  11. haha thats cool. truely a unique finish
  12. yes, that color is beautiful. is mcnabb playing this year???? i dont even know
  13. whoa you live in texas??? thats cool i live in alabama

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