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  1. Looks legit man. Great buy. The reason the binding may look new is because the person you bought from could have taken it somewhere and gotten it repainted and refurbished. that makes it worth less, but it looks mazing. if i had a guitar like that i would never sell it. thats a great buy.
  2. nice guitars everone!!! lets see some more!
  3. I love these threads. Mine Is a 2005 Gibson Les Pauld Double Cut Faded Special. Has a fixed crak in the back of the neack so i got it for 450 bucks. not a bad price if ur not gonna sell it. its my 2nd guitar and i love it! here i am with it in its musicians friend case. this case works great! headstock body. those P-90s scream! got it for my 13th birthday last year. i turn 14 in 14 days. :)
  4. or some genius could invent a stand that has that same padding but has cotton cut out and glued over the rubber so its completely safe????? i think someone should
  5. Cool wood Guitar. Have you heard about the National Guitar Museum?

  6. hey i just bought a normal les paul case from musicians friend. for mine
  7. someon payed AU $50,100.00 for a fake gibson
  8. i thought the bridge pickup was closer to the strings because it gives it a brighter sound. and the neck pickup is supposed to be lower because it gives it a warmer or more mellow sound which is what the neck pickup id for
  9. no put the electric sander up to his groin
  10. From guitardaterproject.org Guitar Info Your guitar was made at the Nashville Plant, TN, USA November 18th, 2009 Production Number: 43
  11. welcome to the forums!

  12. thanks for ruining the firebird gibson
  13. looks like a gibson just not a 1961
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