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  1. welcome to the forums!

  2. i posted one.... but it was the double cut version
  3. who cares at least you have it i still love it this one is random
  4. i like that. its pretty cool!
  5. thats really cool. if you saw mine at the beginning, apparently i like unique guitars. but i also found that for 450 bucks, and im only 13 so..... BUT I STILL LIKE DISCONTINUED GUITARS CUZ THERE MORE VALUEABLE
  6. how come you arent an active memeber. been one for 2 years. dont be shy!!!

  7. hmmm.... i dont know i have the same model but faded. i love mine to death. mine was discontinued in 2008
  8. haha thats cool. truely a unique finish
  9. yes, that color is beautiful. is mcnabb playing this year???? i dont even know
  10. whoa you live in texas??? thats cool i live in alabama

  11. okay ill start us off. gibson les paul double cutaway faded. 2005 model, discontinued in 2008 post pictures of discontinued les pauls, gibson or epiphone
  12. crap yours is a gloss finish.... oh well i till love mine
  13. it is a 2005 gibson les paul double cutaway faded. they were discontinued in 2008, so i got it second hand. im only 13 , do thats the only reason i have it =) PICKUP SOUND AWESOME
  14. you can get somebody who knows guitars really well to do it
  15. i love that!!!! i wonder if chorme P-90's would look like!!!!
  16. those are both really nice!!!!
  17. i thought this would be a good idea
  18. heres my 2005 double cut faded w/th P-90's, 3 piece solid body i think, all mahogany
  19. okay i think i know how to upload pics: this is a gibson les paul double cutaway 2005 model which i bought second hand.
  20. hey i have a les paul double cut from 2005 that looks like that red one but its faded and it has a different tailpeice. inlays are different too and diffferent style tuners, but everything is stock
  21. hey guys i dont have a photobucket yet so im gonna put a link to another page where i attachedthumbnails of my les pauls headstock and body. here it is:http://forum.gibson.com/index.php/topic/53974-post-les-paul-pictures-here/
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