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  1. Yeah, lots of changes! Some are cool (scaling back on too similar models, etc.), and some are disappointing, like price increases, etc. But, that's par for the course, I suppose? Yeah, the '64 SG has all the right bevels, and horn tapering, as near as I can tell! The 2019 '61 seems quite decent, in that area, as well. And, considering the current price structure, is the more affordable, at $1,799, since the CS '64 is well over twice that! Even so, I still wish the Best, for Gibson, "die hard" fan, that I am, in spite of the silly prices! Cheers, ALL! CB
  2. Wow, one's gone for a bit, and they remove the "Lifestyle" section (and news & Forum), on the Gibson Website? Is this permanent, or just growing pains, with the new ownership, and restructuring? Curious=nosy minds, want to know! CB
  3. Sorry, for the double posting! Monitors may (please) remove this one! Thanks, CB
  4. Take it back, to your local dealer, where the guitar was purchased, and they can either repair, or ask Gibson for a repair, or possible replacement, if still under warranty. If you purchased it "on line," then you'll need to return it, to that dealer, and go from there. Other wise, you will have to find a competent luthier, or repair person(s), and pay for the repairs, yourself. The forum members can't do anything for you, except share their sympathies, their own stories, and/or offer you other kinds of advice. Good Luck! CB
  5. Top, 1982 Ric 360 V-64. Bottom, 1980 Ric 360 WB, modded to vintage spec's, including toaster pickups, trapeze tailpiece, and vintage knobs. 2016 Dano 12-string with "f" hole, with stock pots and knobs. (After I changed out the stock single volume/tone pots, to stacked versions, so I could have independent volume and tone controls, for each pickup.) Love them ALL! CB
  6. Thanks, Marky! Even my "jam" buddy, who's a died in the wool "Humbucker" lover, was quite impressed, with the sound/tone of this new Gold Top! So, it's definitely a "keeper!" CB
  7. Well, I've Spent a lot of time, with this new "Classic" LP Gold Top, with P-90's, and I have to say, it is really awesome, in every way. One of those guitars, you just can't stop playing, at least for very long! I will always love and play my SG's (will never stop, with them), but this Gold Top, is a great compliment, to the SG's tonal palette. [thumbup] Cheers, CB
  8. Just found out, that Gibson will replace my pickguard, under warrantee! Many Thanks, to Gibson Repair/Restoration! CB
  9. Well, seems Gibson will replace it, under Warrantee! So, I should get the replacement, in a few days! I'm thankful, too...as upon further inspection, the binding on the original is cracked, in several places, as well. I didn't notice that, at first. Anyway, All's Well, That Ends Well! CB
  10. Thanks, ALL, for your suggestions. I have several options, at this point. And, some good folks, I know, looking into a possible replacement, from Gibson. So, we'll see what happens? Appreciate the continuing feedback! Cheers, CB
  11. Well, it may come to that, if I don't get any response from Gibson Customer Service, or the Repair/Restoration folks? The binding adhesive strips, would be OK, but the binding glue sounds problematic, for "Plastic on Plastic" as needed for my pickguard, as opposed to plastic on wood. But, being a complete novice, at this, it might be "just fine?" Thanks, for the suggestion(s)! Cheers, CB
  12. Hi All, My "Lucille" pickguard has come apart! That is, the multi-ply binding on the outside edge, as come completely off! This occurred, while stored in it's original case. Last time I had it out, it was "fine!" When I went to get it out, to play it, a few days ago...I opened the case to find the pickguard's binding, down on top of the body's lower bout. So, I need a replacement, as I live (in the "sticks), and hours from the nearest Gibson dealer or repair facility. I've notified Gibson's CS, and the Repair/Restoration folks, but...as of yet, no response. HELP!!! :unsure: CB
  13. I actually like the "Dot" inlays, this year. Just for the variety. So, there you go! CB
  14. Hi, I have 3 SG's with Maestro's, and I've always used the same strings, as on all my Gibson's, 9-46! Previously, I used 10-46, with the same stability results. While tuning is never as stable as with a stop bar tailpiece, they all stay in-tune, fairly well, once the strings are stretched properly. I have had all the nuts replaced, with bone nuts. And, use graphite on them, as well. Even "Stop bar" SG's, aren't as stable, tuning wise, as Les Paul's, in my experience, due to the neck joint=upper fret access. Double cut Les Paul's are similar, that way, compared to single cut versions. But, if you don't "dive bomb" with the Maestro, and aren't "brutal," in your playing, it should work out alright. I will also tell you, than when my SG's have been cased, for awhile, it takes some time, and several re-tunings, for the neck to "settle down!" But, that seems to be the case, with ALL my guitars, to varying degrees. Cheers, and good luck! CB
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