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  1. Ha ha, a David Gray quote - love it! I love that whole album. drathbun's list makes me want to go learn Turn Turn Turn and some others today. I heard Carry On yesterday by CSNY and was trying to figure that out. It's a half step down tuning appears to be EBE for the low strings, but I am not convinced on the tuning of the upper 3 yet.
  2. Wow, I'd never heard Even In The Quietest Moments before. What a great song, and what an excellent cover you do. Your voice sounds really good, and you really hold down all the picking well, that's a lot of work. We should play together sometime (where are you located?). We play a lot of the same music (I can play the six string part and sing harmony on Wish You Were Here), and you could teach me some great songs!
  3. Isn't that cover amazing? I don't know about you but I thought the original was dreadful. Not sure how David Gray spotted the potential in that!
  4. That is a beauty - and twice the fun! What songs do you tend to play on it?
  5. After playing a 70s Yamaha FG500 for the past 10 years (a sweet guitar that plays way beyond the $485 I paid for it in Seattle) I got a 2016 Hummingbird Vintage today. Having fun playing all my favorite Stones songs, as well as Say Hello Wave Goodbye by David Gray. Came with the original case and a LR Baggs Anthem pickup installed. Woot!
  6. A great resource for this is Gibson's Fabulous Flat Tops - An Illustrated History by Dan Erlewine. Just the section on Hummingbirds laid a lot of this out.
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