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  1. Man, oh man! SJ-200s rule!!! Very, very nice looker. Congratulations! That warm rumble..... ah! Nice.
  2. RJ80, perhaps sharing a bit of my very recent experience will put you a little more at ease with a few of the issues as much as reading your post did for me. I was recently very disgusted with a recent shipment direct from Gibson Montana for most of the same reasons. The dusty thing still baffles me, though newly lacquered guitars straight from the case do get oddly dusty after a small bit of time. I never thought from the case. I think it's a static thing with how it's applied. I thought it was a used guitar. The case candy looked incomplete, though I do not recall what is "missin
  3. Just talking about the market in a different thread. That's one crown jewel, holy grail guitar that is hard to find at reasonable prices. I've seen only one in our local CL over the past 45 days. It was actually reasonable per today's market at $3295 or something like that. Stayed up for a few weeks, too. Don''t forget to look at the AGF forums, maybe post a Wanted To By post. Facebook Marketplace, Mandolin cafe, etc. best of luck!!!
  4. I've seen a couple of big changes over the past 18 months. July-2020, I sold 22 items on CL and one through AGF. Most of it less expensive or dated items that lose value with age, but it all sold resaonably well and funded all but $1k of the purchase price of my Historic Collection SJ-200 Pre-War RW. A 2015 Taylor 614CE took the biggest bath at about 55% of retail. The inventories of some items were starting to dwindle down in stores and online. This year, I sold 11 guitars and have 1 more left on the market. A few cheapos, a few USA Standard types and a few MIM/MIK/MIC built variances o
  5. Looks like Kidblast has some intel for you. If your Luthier visit does reveal a defect, Gibson will cover you. Sometimes communicating with them is like pulling hair off a frog, but they will cover you. A nicely setup Gibson acoustic is such a nice experience. You'll be there soon, I bet.
  6. I'm very sorry to hear that. I agree with the others. If your no questions asked period is nearing an end, moving on might be your most painless option. On a more generalized note. In case you've not done this yet, learning to properly measure your guitars does a lot of good things, including making dealer staff members listen to what you have to say. At least for a few more minutes. You don't have to adjust anything. Relaying specs can make all the difference between an ambiguous conversation and informed conversation, especially if something stands out. Tell someone you got a noise, or
  7. Is the dealer you bought it from that's an hour away a trusted place?
  8. What fortyearspickn said. I love doing DYI, but I wouldn't do this until a professional familiar with vintage work did it once.
  9. First off, my condolences for the loss of your Nanny. Your comment - "Best woman I ever knew." says a lot. I'm sorry you had to get the guitar in this manner, but I'm glad you got the guitar. Such a great connection to her, your family and your past every time you pull it out to play. For more images, this is a site some of us use. https://imgur.com/ Basically, post pictures there, and then there will be a series of links you can use to post the pictures here. Paste the "Direct Link" into the text and the image appears.
  10. Good luck with the D'Adds. Lots of folks like them. I had tried those for the first time recently. It was on my Dove. My notes tell me I thought them to be edgy with a little bit of growl to them(whatever that meant) and "Variable brightness depending on the pick". When I write something like that in my note, it tells me the pick had an even bigger effect than normal. I also wrote they armed up and mellowed out after 3 days. (minimum of an hour a day) String experimenting is a fun little side activity for me, in additional to being a pit of a pick junkie. 🙂
  11. I've got Martins on 2 or 3 of mine right now. I don't much like coated strings either. though a couple have been better than others. The new D'Add XTs were not awful on my Dove. A little chirpy or scratchy, perhaps? I'm horrible at the string sound description game. Some folks say 80/20's are brighter than PBs, but I always thought warmer. All's I know is that at least three different sets of 80/20's gave me a warm tone that I could feel emanate from the guitar as well as I how I could hear. One was actually coated - one of the Elixer variations. The good thing is that there's not go
  12. If you stretch out your boundaries to include those with experience on maple SJ-200s, a couple of us here just adore the John Pearse 80/20 Lights. My current SJ-200 (RW) digs 'em too, but it REALLY likes the "New Mediums" size of the same string.
  13. Those grumpier of the conversations have been elsewhere, but the basic argument is that some companies use thicker bridges than others, which changes the look at one end of that test. I've seen some numbers thrown around, but I don't dare repeat them as they seemed logically derived at the time rather than shared by makers or professionals. That doesn't even get into the variability entered into the whole thing in the form of sufficient top bow.
  14. Has there ever been a spec or rough suggestion on that for Gibson acoustics? I've seen some grumpy conversations to that end. My HB is like the first picture. Just a teensy bit of top showing between. A 45 I'm having examined & set has just a bit more. Not much different.
  15. Update Folks, I'm not doing myself any favors here by not detailing my CS interactions. All's you're seeing is the drama-queen frustration that's built up over this. I've seen many stories of great CS dealings, and many stories of unfathomably bad CS dealings. I never liked seeing the latter, but I now have a MUCH better understand their frustration and desperation. I decided to take a little different trail from here. I brought my J45 in to the only local and respected small independent guitar shop in the area. It's the kind of place that Gibson should want as a dealer. Maybe they
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