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  1. And some pics. The lighting does little justice on the Dove's back and sides, but it is bright red no matter what the lighting is. I prefer the red of the Mahogany much better than the Maple. I do like the both, of course. 🙂 Some more on the Dove after a few days. This is a good tone fit for my collection. I can hear that Gibson square shoulder DNA in it. It's got the torrefied energy I got with the SJ-200 RW last year. Just lots of nice similarities to the others, but different enough to not be totally redundant. The Gibson motorized mid-range thing is strong, but at a lower frequency t
  2. Jinder, how do you like these compared to the Newtones that you liked before the Pandemic shut them down for a while?
  3. Oh cool! I hope he is still working in music. (Unrelated) I miss having Jesse over at Sam Ash.
  4. We gots to get together after this pandemic thing has passed to compare and contrast out Maples. 😎
  5. People used to ask me why I called here that. My reply was because I couldn't remember her real name. 😁 I was inspired to play some Gram Parsons after I read this. Return of the Grievous Angel sounded particularly at home on this. No idea what he actually used on it or if he was only singing, but I guess it doesn't matter.
  6. I thought it was funny as heck. I figured you were looking for pics of Baked Dove recipes and this was as close as you could find in under 30 seconds. 😁
  7. So, yesterday was a few things. Normally, it'd be tax-day here in the States. It was the Battleaxe's and my 32nd anniversary. We each had our second dose injections yesterday, watched the Red Sox lose a close one to the Twins. After that, I played my D-41 and waited for my brand-spanking new Frank Hannon Love Dove to arrive. Not just any Love Dove, but the one from up yonder in Bozeman, Montana at Music Villa featured in the video below. It's no secret that I had been Jonesing one for several years, but it never made it past 2nd place until this year. The torrefied top was particularly
  8. The great thing about the MSF class is that you get to get used to clutches, stops, starts, etc, on a bike that is not your own. More importantly, you'll get to drop a bike that is not your own. If there was ever a time to wait a month, this might be it. That reminds me of a humorous story. I had picked up my wife's starter bike. A little Yamaha Vigaro(?) that took forever to get to 55mph couldn't get over 75mph with a tail wind. I'm a big with a beard before beards got popular. My friends had "dared" me to don my wanabe biker leather protective gear. Why not? Good times, right? Needless
  9. When's your class? It is a paradoxical thing with the handle bars, but it's not really the bars that do any real turning in the corners. I think the pushing bit is more of a weight shifting thing. Hard to explain, and I am very unqualified to do so and it's been a few years other than an occasional spin around the block. It's a leaning thing that will become natural later on in the first year.
  10. Aren't some of them 1.72" and other 1-5/8? According to the specs, mine should be a 1.72". The nut I used to replace the one on my Maple SJ-200 was a pre-slotted cheapo bone from amazon. 4 for $20 or something. Garbage. The spacing was a bit thinner than the stock and the one on my Historic Collection SJ-200. I actually liked it more and was bummed when the slots wore out quickly. I went back to near stock this time around. It's OK, sure, but I liked that thinner spacing I had for a while. The odd part is that I thought I needed wider spacing for string clearance, being a big boy an
  11. Nicely done, again, rbpicker. Indeed! I certainly have to pick and choose.
  12. Very nice, Sal! As always. I should know better than to listen to you and rbpicker doing covers before going upstairs into my studio room.
  13. Very nice performance! I enjoyed it. You always seem to do quite well with your covers. A nice combination of being yourself and covering it in the style of a particular artist to the extent that it fits you. Good times! edit - for those who mentioned not being able to edit, the little "..." icon on the top-right of your post contains an edit option.
  14. Will do! Pics and all later in the weekend. Thursday is the potential NGD day. Busy day. 32nd wedding anniversary, making a small batch of ribs and getting our second doses. I think I watched the Music Villa video at least 5 times yesterday. The Dove had come in 2nd twice before. Once for the Martin D-41 and then the Historic Series pre-war SJ-200 Rosewood. Two very nice entries. If this FHLD is anywhere near as nice as the SJ-200 I got, I'm in for a real treat. They sure did hit a lot of home runs last year.
  15. Thanks, Jinder. I had not seen any baked top Doves being talked about myself, but my memory isn't anything to brag about. I had a line on a used Hummingbird Maple from across the country, but the videos on them were all over the place. Then a forum member here told me something that I had long forgotten. That being the FH Love Dove was a limited one time run. A salesman told me Gibson told him 50 total. My assumption had been that I would have a fall-back plan of ordering and waiting 6 months. I was just beginning my hunting process for this year's prize. a used Sheryl Crow SJ(I know
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