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  1. "I wanna be your man", or something like that. Not their first hit. The first was a Chuck berry song. It was a song or two afterwards. It absolutely does not matter. He beat me to it. Regardless, how it matters to some guys having fun with some 'Stones song lyrics only illustrates a deficiency within my abilities to think on such complex levels of intellect.
  2. I wonder if it's the key that he's struggling with? This isn't the first time we've heard Neil have some vocal difficulties fragile vocals in recent years.
  3. Thanks, Lars! I was pleasantly surprised that I liked it. Not been much into his later career releases. No much nice to say about the pickup & sound on the guitar on the right side (from within my headphones). I saw Neil in 1993-1994 IIRC. Blind Melon opened. I went into the concert hoping it would be much more acoustic than electric. Nope. Had Booker T & the MG's in tow and rocked the house. Nice mix of stuff, but "Down By the River", "Powderfinger" and "All Along the Watchtower" towards the end of the show was as fine of a performance as I've ever seen.
  4. Wow, yes. Very nice. That's a pair of serious sounding guitars, there. These sound much better than the 2015 and a 2016 614 & 314 I had before the "Bird flu" hit me in 2018. These guys also have Lowdens. I had not even heard of these guys until someone from down that way came up here to by a Tele from me and told me about them.
  5. They've probably never had to drive up and down our coast.
  6. I'm 2-1 on the Maple game. Did you drive down the coast or the freeway? Reason I ask is I keep seeing some acoustic guitar store's listings out near the coast, but in one of the inland towns. Have not been that way in a few years, though. The name will come to me at some inopportune time......
  7. That's saying something as you ended up not being all that fond of the J15, IIRC. (btw and OT - there's a Martin Maple 0000 on Mandolin Cafe this morning. Not me nor any affiliation.)
  8. Casino's is a 90 minute trip for me. It's a FANTASTIC store with great folks. I wish they had what I wanted. I hope next year's inventories everywhere improve next year. Great town to visit as well.
  9. It's been listed for 3 years. 🙂
  10. That, my friend, is a good point. The one thing I did learn was never to again say "this is the one I'll keep forever." Interestingly enough, the one that I used to say that about was one that I searched high and low for a specific sound. I was still chasing sound when I got the Hummingbird. It was another 18 months with that one before I figured out the "it" thing. I think I ever posted about it as it was starting to happen. Wow Factor Guitars, IIRC.
  11. Sometimes a guitar can steer for a little while. Good fun when 20 minutes goes by and your song has morphed into something from what you set out to play. I agree with this, but I didn't understand just how individual an attribute this can be until I got my CS J45 Historic. It's loud and proud, seems to be balanced with the semi-quick bass decay thing. It's a 3lb, 13oz light-weight that some might call a "cannon" or maybe even a "Banjo Killer" if I used the wrong pic/string combination. There's just something about it that throws me off. It's like my timing is off and it's affecting my ability to play guitar in a musical manner. It's my 3rd Gibson baked top, 3rd Gibson CS and 2nd Historic collection. Yet somehow, it feels foreign. That "it" feeling is impossible to convey. Took me a while to learn what everyone was talking about. It's a significant point in my acoustic guitar journey that I will remember. That said, I wonder something. I've only felt that in one brand new guitar. It was last weekend at the World of Bluegrass fesitival. The Bourgeous booth in the trade show. Baked top slope-D with sinker hog back. None of the others came close. I wonder, though, if I would have known it was an "it" guitar 5-6 years ago? Or even 3 years ago.
  12. Mine became my #2 this past week, edging down my Hummingbird Standard and my D41. It happened a couple days, a day or two after putting on a set of Sunbeams. They seemed to complete that tonal balance thing for me. One great thing about a Dove for me is that it leaves room for my vocals almost as nicely as an SJ-200(RW or Maple). One other great thing, in my book, is that it responds in a positive manner to whatever pick, set of strings or *playing style I try. It's as if it answers by saying, "Sure, I can do that!" It's even pretty sounding after a few humid days on the rack. (fwiw - I have no idea about finger-style when I write "playing style I try." As Carl from Slingblade would say, "I never been no count at it. mmm hmmm.")
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