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  1. I am still having difficulty finding the specs for the nut material used on these adjustable rosewood saddle Gibson's. But thanks for all the comments - a good discussion.
  2. Here's the sam guitar I am talking about in this thread - just as a reference (not my guitar, of course); https://www.maffosguitars.it/en/shop/chitarre-acustiche/landola-v66/ Note the saddle.
  3. So you've used the ceramic nut with he rosewood saddle? I wish Philadelphia Luthiers made ceramic saddles. My intention is to get a replacement adjustable rosewood and bone saddle, and try both. The saddle in this Finnish Val Dez/Landola is in pretty good shape. The guitar is so easy to fingerpick - and the sound is mellow, but pronounced, if that makes sense. I don't have to dig in hard to get sound out of this guitar. What a fun find! But it's nice to have this forum to bounce all this new-found rosewood saddle excitement around a bit.
  4. Wow - that almost looks like a ceramic nut. I've seen rosewood nuts on older guitars. I am thinking a bone nut would sound good, with the adjustable rosewood saddle - but I can't find much online about the but material on these old Gibson's, with the adjustable rosewood saddle.
  5. Wow! That's quite a set up! Mine's more like the J50 above, though the saddle sits straight, not angled. One other thing on your Kay, I have on mine - limited break-angle, on the strings; the bridge pins sit quite far back, on the bridge. Made that way. Mine also needs a new nut. so I am very curious what material Gibson used, for the nut. A bone nut with the rosewood adjustable saddle seems like it might be the best combination I can get.
  6. What material is the nut on your J-50? Is it bone? I'll assume the same, of the bridge pins...
  7. Old topic, I know. But what material was used for the nut on these old rosewood adjustable saddle Gibson's?
  8. I joined the forum for this topic. I found a late 60s Val Dez acoustic (made by Landola Guitars, in Finland - they also made the Espanas). It's a V66 model, sort of a mix between a Martin 00-18 and a Harmony Sovereign H1260. Serious crazing and checking on the top , back and sides , but no cracks thru the wood. I love the sound of this rosewood adjustable saddle. I am wondering does anyone else love this sound? It's so dark, woody, raw. Totally unique. I know this is a purely subjective question, and most don't like the sound. I also know Philadelphia Luthier has the adjustable bone saddles for Gibson's, which will fit into the saddle slot of my Val Dez. I'll order one, regardless, but why are so many so negative about these rosewood saddles? Looking forward to any and all responses, and discussion.
  9. I'm brand new. Brooklyn-born, time in Orange County, NY before university (U of Kansas) now in Alberta. Married, four kids. Do not own a Gibson - I have two 70's Yamaha's, one an FG-331 from '78, one an '81 all solid wood L5A, an old beat up Val Dez V66 from Finland, probably 1971, and a '95 Samick SW115D Artist Series given to me, which I just fixed up. If I did/could have a Gibson, it'd be the L-00 Deluxe, the LL-00 Standard, or the LL-00 Sustainable. I am also interested in the Rosewood Adjustable Bridges Gibson used in the 60's, and how people feel about them here, as my Val Dez has one. Glad to be here, regardless.
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