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  1. My new Gibson....


  2. Thank you for getting back to me... 1. How can you post this video, and I can’t even upload a photo to show??? 2. After looking on line for a bit, the serial number is in the 1966 range, and I am sure it’s a es125c. I read that there were just about 500 or so produced with this configuration (not T - thin body, or a D- second P90 pickup... just a 125 that has a cut away... es125c) it also has the wrong Pickguard, and replaced tuners, though still deluxe
  3. Maybe.... (without the fight...). You can give me a place to go and find out more information about my guitar purchase.... my dad played a es125, and I have been looking for a similar one to own as a reminder of him. (Pic of him playing). There are many out there, and fortunately for me, they made a lot of them. When I saw this guitar, it just seemed so different. I had never seen a cutaway on a 125. It is also a tea-burst and not sunburst, but the guitar was in such great condition and a great player I just bought it. Just wish I could find out more... someone suggested that in this configuration, just a 125 full body with cutaway that few were made.... ok so, won’t let me upload and photos... just a cam area pic, but too large for this site
  4. I recently purchased a Es 125c. I have not found much info on this, ad I think not many were shipped vs. a es125, or 125tcd or td... I grew up with my dads es125, and love that guitar. I am looking for a period puck guard (the previous owner for some reason put a es125 pick guard on). Will a es175 pickguard work???? Any info would be greatly appreciated. guy
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