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  1. Nice looking guitar! Have really been thinking of getting one... do you have an issue with it not staying in tune??
  2. Thank you for getting back to me... 1. How can you post this video, and I can’t even upload a photo to show??? 2. After looking on line for a bit, the serial number is in the 1966 range, and I am sure it’s a es125c. I read that there were just about 500 or so produced with this configuration (not T - thin body, or a D- second P90 pickup... just a 125 that has a cut away... es125c) it also has the wrong Pickguard, and replaced tuners, though still deluxe
  3. Maybe.... (without the fight...). You can give me a place to go and find out more information about my guitar purchase.... my dad played a es125, and I have been looking for a similar one to own as a reminder of him. (Pic of him playing). There are many out there, and fortunately for me, they made a lot of them. When I saw this guitar, it just seemed so different. I had never seen a cutaway on a 125. It is also a tea-burst and not sunburst, but the guitar was in such great condition and a great player I just bought it. Just wish I could find out more... someone suggested that in this configuration, just a 125 full body with cutaway that few were made.... ok so, won’t let me upload and photos... just a cam area pic, but too large for this site
  4. I recently purchased a Es 125c. I have not found much info on this, ad I think not many were shipped vs. a es125, or 125tcd or td... I grew up with my dads es125, and love that guitar. I am looking for a period puck guard (the previous owner for some reason put a es125 pick guard on). Will a es175 pickguard work???? Any info would be greatly appreciated. guy
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