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  1. Thank you SO much for taking the time to write this out for me- really appreciate it!
  2. Hello, I have not had it appraised. You can email me at brittneymasters.la (at) gmail (dot) com! Look forward to hearing from you. His wife has a great story to go along with this guitar if you care to know. Best, Brittney
  3. Is anyone interested in purchasing one of the 25 guitars with the heart inlay? I have one for sale previously owned by guitarist Jimmy Stewart. Reply if interested for more info!
  4. Hello! I see a lot of you guys know a ton about L5's. Can anyone tell me more about this one? I am trying to help guitarist Jimmy Stewart's wife post it for sale. I would greatly appreciate any knowledge I can get!
  5. I am attempting to help out legendary guitarist Jimmy Stewart's wife sell a guitar he owned and played. I've searched the internet everywhere to find one that looks like this so that I can list it for the appropriate price but can't seem to find anything. She said there was only supposed to be 50 of these exact ones made, however, they only got around to making 20 something so it is rare. Can anyone point me in the right direction or give me any kind of information on this? It would be greatly appreciated!
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