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  1. I have basically the same cab/speakers but mine are the hellatone version. (Same speaker just broken in before the send it out). Its a 60 watt cab. When the speakers are in parallel the rating is double the lowest wattage.
  2. Their website says: "This amp comes stock with the standard EL 84 output tubes but you can order it with 6V6 tubes which use different sockets. Please allow one week for that special order which is no extra charge."
  3. Nice looking Studio Standard there dsl100. What is that red on the back of the head stock?
  4. Yea I'm not sure of the rarity myself but I think it comes from people not knowing what they are and just pass it off as no big deal. The only made them from 84-85. I see them once in a great while on ebay but thats it. I got the burst from a friend of the family and did some research before I found out what it was. The black one poped up on Ebay and I had to snatch it up.
  5. Yup, Studio Custom and the Studio Standard...mid 80's. Here is my two '85 Studio Customs (wrong TRC on the burst guitar)
  6. Once Ebay went in favor of the buyer they paid him his money back and were expecting me to reimburse them. By winning the appeal the hold on my money will be lifted once they are done processing everything. In the end we both won, even tho I dont believe he should have gotten anything. A word of advice to anyone on Ebay, if for any reason there will be a return to you specifically tell them that it must be returned in the same condition it was recieved. It is stated somewhere on Ebay but unless you actually tell them yourself it will most likely go in the buyers favor. I was told last night that had I specifically wrote that anywhere the case would have been dropped immediatly.
  7. Well I got my reply back from them an hour ago. They actually went in favor of the buyer. Naturaly I was pretty ticked off and said a few choice words. I contacetd Ebay by phone and asked for an appeal because I felt I was wronged in this case. The guy took a look at all the details and asked me a few questions about it and decided to give me the appeal. So in the next day or so (stupid processing) the hold will be taken off of the money and all will be well again. I win.
  8. I escalated the case to ebay. I told them about the tampering and that it no longer works and that I have pictures to prove it and the word of a bandmate who had actually used my pedal. I got a response back with in 12 hours. The email back told me that I had to print out a form that they included stating that the item was returned in a different condition than when i sent it out. I had to sign it and fax it back. They had taken the money out of my paypal and put a hold on it and the message said it would be returned once they recieved the fax. Looking at the case details they stated January 23 as the day they would make a final decision. Not sure whats going on, they have 56 minutes left in the day.
  9. In the auction I wrote that "please ask all questions before biding as all sales are final" And I didnt offer a return policy but of course under the return policy section Ebay added "No returns or exchanges, but item is covered by eBay Buyer Protection" When you read the terms of the buyer protection it basically says that if you as the buyer dont like the item we will get your money back. (paypal has already put a hold on my money till the case is resolved.) I guess the best course for me is to take it to ebay support, I have a broken pedal and my money is on hold. As it stands I have nothing else to loose. You're exactly right Cannon_Mutant Ebay has become a buyers place and as a seller it really sucks. After this I'm done selling.
  10. I've recently sold something on Ebay and feel I'm getting screwed. Alright, I sold a pedal in December, guy paid right away and I shipped it the following day. USPS said he would recieve it in 3 days (saturday). 8 days later I get a message telling me that it wont work with a battery. I got it from a bandmate and it was always used with a battery and was working fine. I told him I used it with an AC adapter on my board and it was working. He then tells me that it dosn't sound right and wants his money back. He then files a case against me the following day with the message that he will drop the case once he sends the pedal back and gets a refund. Fast forward a week and a half to today, I get the pedal in the mail. Knowing that the pedal was working when I sold it I wanted to make sure that it wasn't just his broken one he was trying to pass off on me. Comparing the pedal to the pictures I took before the sale I can tell that it has for sure been opened up, the screws are all turned to different spots. The battery snap is damaged now, one on the prongs is bent over, not sure if I can bend it back. Now the pedal will not power up thru the AC jack. My buddy used this pedal for a few years and I tested everything out before it shipped, I can guarantee 100% this pedal worked when it left my house. Now for the advice part, I have a few options in the case, I can issue a refund, contact him again or I can escalate the case to ebay support. I dont feel a refund is in order but what should I do? Contact him about the issues or take it to Ebay and let them deal with this? I now have a broken pedal and dont want to be out the money also.
  11. You first need to upload the photos to photobucket or something similar and then post the url in the reply box.
  12. Can you post picures of it? Sounds like you might have a Studio Custom or a Studio standard.
  13. Good, I'm not the only one.. I was also in the 3rd percent. I thought I was doing pretty good.
  14. The biggest thing I see is that they only made it 22 frets not 24 like the originals. I see that "The glued-in Grade-A maple neck neck is carved to a fast, slim profile". Not on mine they aren't. I have a 73 natural and a 74 burst and I would consider them both to not be slim.
  15. Collective soul....Shine
  16. I went to JoAnn fabrics and bought a couple yards of black felt for $3-4 and just glued that down. Velcro sticks to it pretty good.
  17. When my band was first starting out I was the impatient one in the group. What helped for us was when a friend had asked if we wanted to open for them at an upcoming gig. We only had 10 songs but that was plenty to open with. As our list grew we were able to play out as the main act and not be an opening act anymore. I feel that having a gig on the books was a good kick in the pants to get everyone going to be prepared. After that first gig everyone was hooked and we really pushed to do better. We had a similar situation recently with our last drummer. He decided 6 days before a gig (a charity show to benifit the childrens hospital) that he had to quit the band because he is a "working drummer" and can't be tied down to any one band. Basically he was in it for the money and wasn't getting enough from our gigs i guess. Last minute he did have a change of heart and did the gig but still left the band. In my experience it's best to lay everything out now and see what everyone wants out of the band so you dont get left high and dry a few days before a big gig. You dont want to tarnish your reputation by having to cancel at the last minute.
  18. I like it, it has a catchy riff to it. I would agree that it was a touch muddy but overall it was good.
  19. Its not too big of a deal to tune at the begining, the problem comes in when change tuning. We tune down 1/2 step for a few songs and its too hard to do it by ear.
  20. I've got 2 Les Pauls. Both are 1985 Studio Customs. Both have Tim Shaw pickups. The only difference between them is one is one has a vintage sunburst and ebony fretboard and the other is black with rosewood. The Burst one always sounded a little off to me. I checked the pots and noticed that the tone pot was a 100k and not the 500k i thought should be there. I changed out the pot and immediatly noticed that the guitar was way brighter. (it needed to be). Lately I've been playing my black one more. Its always been muddier than the burst. Just checked the tone pots and they are 100k also. Am I missing something? Shouldn't they be 500k's? Did they put lower value pots on Tim Shaws?
  21. So we did a quick set yeasterday at the county fair. Only problem I had was seeing the led's on my pedals. My TU-2 was almost completly out of sight. The only one I could see was my DS-1 that I did Keeley mods to and has a blue led. The effect pedals i will try to lower the resistor values to brighten up the led but the tuner is a big one. What do you guys do with your tuners outdoors? Make some kind of shield/cover to block some of the sunlight? Is there a tuner that is visible outside. I can deal with not seeing indicator leds, its pretty obvious when one is on but I need to see my tuner to use it.
  22. "A" is an audio pot or log. "B" is a linear pot.
  23. In the begining they were going to get a claim started with UPS but came back 14 days later saying they wont cover it cause he waited too long to report it. This all started back in May. All of May was spent emailing back and forth getting no where, at one point no communication from them for 14 days. BBB took another few weeks to get back to him.
  24. To keep this thread from looking like a bashing contest and becoming locked or deleated I modified my posts to remove the name of the online retailer.
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