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  1. I believe the top is maple. The neck is perfect. It plays fast and smooth with low action and no buzz. It cost $1000. The sound is loud for an acoustic. I don't have an acoustic amp yet. Any reccomendations?
  2. I just got a cut away C165 mini jumbo. It has prefix plus electronics. I had never heard of these before I found this one on CL. Can anyone tell me anything about them?
  3. I have been playing number 1955c a few times at Sam Ash. Just got back from it today. I have ruled the tribute out because you can't control the intonation with the trapeez bridge.
  4. At least you didn't pick on the blue wheelbarrow.
  5. It is my favorite guitar ever.
  6. New pics of my custom
  7. I traded in my classic and about $900 at Sam Ash.
  8. Customs come in wine red too, but they are not for everyone.
  9. You can't find your *** with two hands and a flashlight. You're clumbsier than a bear cub playing with his ding dong. As quick as grease owl **** on glass. It beats a poke in the eye with a sharp stick. (what doesn't?) There were more ___________ than you could shake a stick at. These were some I heard in my neck of the woods. OK and AZ USA.
  10. Its the truth. he won't appreciate it. Should let him know up front.
  11. I played number 1955c at the sam ash in phoenix. Spent half an hour on it. I get special treatment there.
  12. I was joking. However they did have a skit like that on the new candid camera show and after the guy buys the car, the old woman's muscle bound biker son shows up.
  13. This story reminds me of the time I answered an add about an old Chevy. The little old lady had a 54 corvette for $500.
  14. Is your last name Gibson too? That's how it gave me Squire.
  15. My kids love it. It is clever. Squirls in my pants is a great song.
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