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  1. Thanks. I was not a fan of the bling initially but I played one and fell in lust. Will admit is has grown on me. Also a tone and mood thing. My new banner LG-2 is dark, stripped down and beautiful and I love those looks as well. Also hear you on the budget. I am in downsizing-towards-retirement mode and have far fewer guitars now than in the past but the current ones will be heirlooms. Stay well.
  2. Thanks all. I truly appreciate the encouragement!
  3. I have been learning my new guitars and procrastinating posting a video. I have such a crazy stress response. My hands are literally shaking when when I turn on the mic and camera. I do love that it is a life long journey...I am going to need it. 🙂 Anyway, thought I would do something silly to take minds off of election day. How many of you know the words to these Peanuts clips? Cheers and thanks for all the great support on this site! https://vimeo.com/475140299
  4. Here are the 3 Gibsons. New LG is definitely the baby of the group.
  5. Thanks again everyone! i just took delivery of a new Custom Shop 1942 Banner LG-2 and am just getting to know it. I do plan on traveling with it but not in more risky travel situations. I now owe a new guitar day post. Plan to doo some playing and recording Saturday. I am finally have the courage too post something on this forum. Cheers!
  6. Very cool guitars Dave. I have a b-stock Fender Tim Armstrong Hellcat that is my take anywhere do anything sacrificial lamb and it can hold its own for sure
  7. I did notice that and have a query in to the seller. Will let you know. Thanks!
  8. I hear ya! Traveling more and more by car these days. Also have never had trouble getting a safe spot in the cabin on a plane and I fly 20-30 times per year. Probably greatest risk is theft from my hotel room... Thanks!
  9. Hey, Thanks Kid! I actually had an Emerald travel guitar for a while and never really bonded with it. I think i just missed my wood acoustics too much. I am in more of a 'life is too short to worry about dinging a guitar on a plane' mode. This is at least partially due to how much i enjoy playing the Dove and SJ... Thanks again!
  10. Hey All, I am currently enjoying my two Gibsons, a Doves in Flight and a SJ200 Deluxe Rosewood. They are both amazing and I enjoy how different they are to the point where I have developed a strong preference by song for one or the other. Instead of yin and yang, I could think of them as 'rhythm and blues' or even 'bell and drum'. My ear is still developing though for sure. I do travel a lot though and am thinking of upgrading my travel guitar, currently a nice but too boxy little Yamaha. I actually play each instrument every day so playability and tone matter. I am considering various LG-2s and L-00s and have read the posts comparing them. But, my eye keeps finding this little number on Reverb... https://reverb.com/item/35462685-1966-epiphone-cortez Again, i am a player, not a collector but i was born in 1966 so I have always been on the watch for something interesting from that year. A little nervous about an old used guitar like this but it seems it could be great fun t travel around with. So, which of you would go new/almost new LG-2 or L-00 and which would jump on the Epiphone and why? Thanks in advance! Cheers!
  11. Thanks All, This has been very helpful. The seller contacted Gibson and got confirmation of the year and that they made 50-75 that year but that is all. I think Zombywoof is correct that it is not a limited edition. So the question then is whether this has any impact on value? If the limited run was 40 or so and there are another 20 or so 2017 12-string birds out there, does this lower the value on those? I am assuming the Limiteds were sold with a higher price point originally although i cannot find any info on that. To be clear, I am not going to sweat a few hundreds bucks on a great guitar but would not want to overpay by $1000... These guitars are rare and this one is being sold as-is no returns from credible (at least on Reverb) seller. My assumption would be that the non-Limiteds have slightly lower value and may be more difficult to sell down the road? Thanks again, Eric
  12. Thanks. It is a Reverb listing so trying to get additional info. i have been watching these come and go over the last few months. Trying to find the right one. Thanks again!
  13. Got it. Very helpful. Thanks!
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