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  1. Thanks all for the thoughts! I ended up taking the plunge on one of the 50s J-45's. The more I thought about it, the more I realized I would keep asking myself "what if" if I'd gone with the J-185. The J-45 is what I've lusted after for quite some time. So sometime next week I'll have a beautiful late 50s J-45 in my hands! I'll follow up here once I have it. Thanks again for the posts.
  2. Looking for some opinions on a guitar purchase. I recently sold off a late 50s LG-2 - incredible guitar, but my other acoustic is an old Martin 00-17 and I've just been wanting something a little bit bigger to go along with it, and decided the Martin was the keeper of those two. I was initially dead set on a vintage J-45, but then I remembered playing an iteration of the newer J-185's a couple years back (it was before the Historic series had been introduced I believe) that was really a killer guitar. I think it might've been a TV model? I haven't been able to find one of the new J-185 Histori
  3. So much for that...even though I bought it on their site, it had apparently sold just a little bit earlier. More decision making now I suppose...
  4. Thanks all for the additional replies! After a few days of collecting more info, I ended up going with the early 40s L-00 from Vintage Instruments in Philly. I have purchased from them in the past so I expect it'll be a great guitar. Will definitely post an NGD once it arrives!
  5. Yeah I don't mind the different neck profile, I'm pretty flexible with that sort of thing, and I actually love the ebony finish. Kinda prefer it to the sunburst to be honest though I'd be perfectly happy with either. These are the two vintage ones I'm looking at. L-0: https://vintage-instruments.com/shop/guitars/flat-top-acoustics/gibson-l-0-guitar-1939/ L-00: https://vintage-instruments.com/shop/guitars/flat-top-acoustics/gibson-l-00-guitar-1941-42/
  6. Thanks all, appreciate the insight! Yeah I've tried keeping an eye out for a Legend but they really never pop up, and for good reason from what I've heard about them. Here's a link to the guitar I mentioned in my original post: https://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitars/gibson-limited-edition-l-00-1930s-classic-acoustic-guitar
  7. Has anyone played one of these? Adi top, hide glue construction, sound clips on YouTube sound pretty good. I've been looking for a good vintage L-00 but prices are just so insanely high. I have a line on an early 40s L-00 and a late 30s L-0 that are in my price range (both are right around $3.5k), but then came across this limited edition 30s model. Over $1,000 less than both of the vintage ones I'm looking at and seems to be built pretty well. Can't play any of the three unfortunately. Any opinions?
  8. I have an opportunity to buy a 72/73 B-25 at a really low price. It's in great shape, has had the ADJ bridge fixed which I like...but I know some of the acoustics in the Norlin era had double X bracing. Is that only true of the dread sized guitars? Or would an early 70s B-25 have double X bracing as well?
  9. Appreciate the replies! I may have to just wait until shops start to open back up...we'll see if I can do that or if my GAS makes me do something more impulsive.
  10. I currently have an Epi Masterbilt AJ500M that I really love, but I’m looking to add a Gibson dreadnought to my stable. But as luck would have it, every guitar shop anywhere near me is shut down so instead of playing a bunch of guitars, I’m trying to make a decision based off of YouTube videos, past playing experiences, and hopefully some advice from this great forum. As mentioned I really like my AJ500, and ultimately what I want is something with a similar tone but just, well, upgraded. I know the AJ has a longer scale but not really sure what Gibson it would ladder up to tone wise
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