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  1. I was hoping someone on the forum had one. I really wanted the sound of this pickup. Jerry Reed recorded the album Nashville underground with it as well as guitar man. They truly have a unique sound but there’s not many around
  2. No I didn’t because the bridge is off. When I found the guitar the original owner was in the process of changing the bridge to a more traditional type. I’m thinking that your right about just plugging it in. So do you think the wire from the ceramic pickup would just connect to the input jack? Doesn’t the pickup require voltage? I have a Prismatone pickup and it has a battery box and pre-amp. I was thinking this would work the same way
  3. I’m hoping someone here can help with this question. I finally found a c1-e and it wasn’t easy. The guitar came as expected, however, it only has the ceramic bridge pickup. No preamp or battery box like my Prismatone has has. I have an amp that supplies phantom power to the pickup, Baldwin made the amp that way to power the Prismatone pickup. What do I need? A pre-amp? Would this be hard to find?
  4. Thanks everyone! I appreciate all the advice. If this was a pristine banner then I would think twice but it’s rough looking anyway so I think using the stencil, in this particular case would be a good idea.
  5. Has anyone else had a problem with the banner and Gibson label peeling off? Hoping to get some suggestions on a guitar that I’m in the process of acquiring
  6. I’m hoping to get some advice on a 44 banner that I’m trading for. I’m really excited to finally be able to get one. It’s definitely a players guitar and although it’s a banner, the logo has peeled away. Do you think this can be redone to look decent?
  7. I’ve got an old j-50. It I love the sound of the new guitars and they play so much better imo
  8. This is a bridge roger marillo made for another guitar of mine. Anyone familiar with this pickup? I’ll give you a hint: it is used on a nylon string Gibson
  9. Yes, I worry too much. I think I’ve watched too many repair videos on YouTube and some are cringeworthy
  10. Do you think I should come out and ask that he clamp it and leave it set for a couple of days?
  11. Ok I’ll order them from elderly and take them to him
  12. I have never played this guitar. I just got it last week and can’t string it up until It gets repaired. It does have the original tuners however the buttons or tuning knobs whatever you call them literally crumbled when I tried to turn them. I left two strings fairly tight because I heard on this site that it could cause neck problems without some tension on it. I’m going to make sure that he measures to make sure the strings are where they need to be off the neck. He makes guitars so I’m confident he can do it
  13. Thank you so much. I’ll send pics when it’s done
  14. Just out of curiosity because you said up until then, the 1954 is the same as the 53 right? The scalloped races started in 55 I believe along with the different pick guard
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