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  1. Thank you very much.
  2. Has anyone installed a Floyd Rose FRX Trem on a guitar other than Gibson? I want to maybe put it on my Kramer Baretta but not sure if it would work as well as when in a Gibson...
  3. This may be a repeat but my screen went blank when i tried to post first time a sec ago. Anyway... Guns blew Motley off the stage but Motley did deliver... Tommy Lee did the spinning drums thing. I remem being patted down by the cops on entry and they confiscated my camera. But it was a great show! I saw smashing pumpkins and then Bush open for Alanis Morresette's Jagged Little Pill album... that was a great show too.
  4. Great vid... im glad i went with your recommendation.. sure wouldn't mind a tutorial on those funky riffs in the vid!!!
  5. Well Gents... I think I completely solved my issues in one fell swoop... Wanted sustainability (a pinch harmonic that lasted and clear) stadium like reverb, low string power cords that were not muffled.... Got the (recommended) Boss Compressor CP-1x and picked up the EVH 5150 III EL34 AMP, and changed my Duncan designed pick-ups to Fishman Fluence.....WHAT A DIFFERENCE!
  6. Its a census poll... I can assure you I will do what I like.. and thx for your opinion.
  7. I bought this Kramer Baretta Spesh.. I am going to strip it down, replace the machine heads, Tremelo, add lock nuts, and replace the pickup... This is it stock.. So I'm going to remove the paint and hydro dip it.. Interested in seeing which colors most folks think would be best of these 2....
  8. Absolutely... im def getting the compressor and will really look into that Trio..
  9. Thank you very much... sorry bout the name mix up
  10. Ahhh yes my bad... thank you ghost for the recommendation
  11. So I have a question for you Brad1... i saw where this guy had a small piece of equipment.. he played a little riff pressed a button then it began to repeat.. played a lil solo piece.. looped it as well then pressed another button and selected a drum beat... without getting a computer program and doing 5 yrs in harvard to learn to operate it... what looper do u recommend.. i already have the Boss RC 30 phrase foot pedal looper that you can add 2 loops... but what is that one where or what do u recommend that has where you can put a preprogrammed beat add your own bass line the press another button lay down your guitar then solo... am i rambling or do u get what im asking?
  12. WHO WAS YOUR FIRST (Rock Band / concert you went see?) Me: Guns n Roses Appetite For Destruction opened for Motley Crue's Girls Girls Girls in Lafayette, Louisiana? WHAT WAS THE WEIRDEST (encounter at a concert?) Me: went to a local fair and A Flock of Seagulls were playing... My gf wanted an autographed AFOS T-Shirt so we waited till the end I bought us each a shirt.. stood in line and got we got our shirts signed... the lead guitarist asked me if I was interested in meeting him later for a drink.... I declined respectfully AND I RANNNN I RANNN SO FAR AWAY!!! My gf never let me hear the end of that one! NAME THE FIRST ONE YOU NAILED (First song you learned on the guitar.. "FULL" song including solo?) Me: Lack of communication by Ratt
  13. Just taking a stab at it but looks like: Kramer Focus 111S Solid Body
  14. Kramer4lyfe


    Thank you for your reply... kept my attention and while I'm typically a skim reader.... i read every bit of this. Striker brings back so many memories of sleeveless megadeath tshirts and playing the one string one finger smoke on the water! Great reply thx ! What do u play now? (Guitar(s))?
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