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  1. Watching American graffiti :)

  2. time for some guitar :)

  3. Getting ready for work

  4. Looking to do something tonight.

  5. I have decided im going to learn klingon

  6. bored, nothin to do till 5

  7. well i have the factory nut. lol it was never replaced. hmm i have one tried super mullets
  8. i have played may types of strings, earnie balls are my personal favs. i tryied gibsons and they were ok, daddario strings are amazing to, i hate ghs strings, i also like pure nickels. slinkys just have that feel
  9. yes earnie ball makes a set in .10-.50! im interested in trying them, however im worried about fit in the nut slots and whatnot
  10. I want to know what people prefer to play with. I am dedicated to my earnie balls. i typically use 9's but i am interested in their specialty set with a wound g string any thoughts?
  11. Hey all, i know the sg zoot suit has been out for a while but i wanted to know everyones opinions on it. I have played one at guitar center it was fun to play, but at the same time i was thrown off, a laminate body was a weird step for me, on of my beginner guitars i have is laminate, but its still fun to play, the zoot suit just didnt seem right to me. for me it was an sg, but it seemed to scream too much of hey look at me. and im not completely sold on the laminate body.. i will admit the carved top was nice, but i didnt like the feel of it. The clear pickups were cool, however i would like to see what happens to the bobbins in like 10 years of being exposed to air/smoke/whatever. Ok everyone join in and discuss. -Greg (aka angustonedog)
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