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  1. It's a real 67. You can't tell in the picture but there is checking and a ding here and there, but it is in amazing, amazing shape. And great looking L-5!!
  2. I will start, here's my 2014 ES-335 joined by my 1967 ES-330
  3. She sounds like a keeper!! My wife is pretty knowledgeable about my gear and tone after all these years. I bought my first Gibson back in 2010. I wasn't planning on buying anything at the time, but my buddy was driving hours away to buy a Gretsch so my girlfriend (now wife) tagged along. Ahh to be young with no responsibilities to be able to take road trips at the drop of a hat. Anyway, I have always dreamed about J45s since I was young. I would take my Musicians Friend catalog to school, hide it in the book we were reading, and circle guitars. Always a J45, even though I had never pla
  4. New member to the forum here. Looking forward to sharing gear and learning more about old Gibson's in particular. I was a Fender electric guy for a long time but now have come over to the dark side and Gibsons far out number Fender's in my house (though I still love good tele). My first Gibson was my J-45 and have added to it since then. The current roster is: - 2010 Gibson J-45 Standard - 2014 Gibson ES-335 Figured -1967 Gibson ES-330 -1935 Gibson L-50 Had and sold: - 1966 ES-125 -1959 ES-175 body with all replacement parts. Will po
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