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  1. Paulie2

    Share your ES's

    It's a real 67. You can't tell in the picture but there is checking and a ding here and there, but it is in amazing, amazing shape. And great looking L-5!!
  2. I will start, here's my 2014 ES-335 joined by my 1967 ES-330
  3. She sounds like a keeper!! My wife is pretty knowledgeable about my gear and tone after all these years. I bought my first Gibson back in 2010. I wasn't planning on buying anything at the time, but my buddy was driving hours away to buy a Gretsch so my girlfriend (now wife) tagged along. Ahh to be young with no responsibilities to be able to take road trips at the drop of a hat. Anyway, I have always dreamed about J45s since I was young. I would take my Musicians Friend catalog to school, hide it in the book we were reading, and circle guitars. Always a J45, even though I had never played one or even been in the same room as one. So while he is trying out Gretsches we wandering around the store. I took a J45 standard off the wall and strummed a simple E chord and was blown away. Just floored. I look at her and she says "Buy it." This was a LOT of money for us at the time, but not to mention I was supposed to be using that money for an engagement ring/wedding, but she really wanted me to have that guitar. I played a few other high end acoustics in the room for reference, but none compared so we left with it. To this day it is still her favorite of any guitar I own. I have been able to play a lot of J45s since then, and while they are all usually good, there seems to be something special about this one...
  4. New member to the forum here. Looking forward to sharing gear and learning more about old Gibson's in particular. I was a Fender electric guy for a long time but now have come over to the dark side and Gibsons far out number Fender's in my house (though I still love good tele). My first Gibson was my J-45 and have added to it since then. The current roster is: - 2010 Gibson J-45 Standard - 2014 Gibson ES-335 Figured -1967 Gibson ES-330 -1935 Gibson L-50 Had and sold: - 1966 ES-125 -1959 ES-175 body with all replacement parts. Will post some pics in all the forums, but here's the 1935
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