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  1. Good question, Its escaping me at the moment but let me see what I can dig up! It was a $500 difference maybe Fishman instead of Bags possibly the saddle and nut is different, Hard to get an accurate description of both
  2. I have a couple of acoustics and wanted a full size dread so I picked up the song writer deluxe studio used on reverb a few months ago. This is the first rosewood bodied one and it came with 12's on it, put some new strings on it immediately, the set up was pretty standard on it, and was having a hard time trying to like it, kept swapping strings and couldn't figure it out, until I went up to 13's and wullah a star was born. Now it's easy to say it is very much now one of my favorites! Just throwing this out there in hopes that someone else might not pass over what a great beast this thing is ! Rich,
  3. got it, When I do my first string change I'll be scoping it out!
  4. I have a new j-50 and has the same issue's high e volume and an occasional string slip threw nut Curious to know what your guy does or did to resolve the high e issue
  5. Anyone know which pick up that year came with? I read that they changed in 16' but cant find what they were using before, and my dilemma is it works just fine but the high e string is not as loud as the other strings, not sure if thats a common issue or I gotta get in there and move it down a bit Any help is appreciated, Rich
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