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  1. I find this is interesting that Gibson make the "original" series cheaper than the modern series. If I understood it right — in the past, the "original" series have always been more special and more expensive due to its "vintage-touch" ? That's a good point ! At first I thought that as well, but then after I found out that you can buy the guitar with that price directly from Gibson website: https://www.gibson.com/Guitar/ACCSMC348/L-00-Standard/Vintage-Sunburst — it might be possible that the standard 2020 version has something special that I don't know of. Thank you 🙂 I didn't own any Gibson yet, but pretty soon ! Just have to decide either L-00 original or standard !
  2. Why Gibson L-00 standard is more expensive than the original one ? Original $2,699 Standard $3,099 They have almost identical spec in terms of wood, and you will even get better material for nut and saddle with the original version which is cheaper.
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