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  1. Thanks! I'll update this thread once I try to wipe it off. A Magic Eraser seems like a safe place to start.
  2. Fair question, and it doesn't appear that Gibson is alone here. I just took a quick look at the warranties for Fender, PRS, ESP, and Ibanez, and none of them cover anything related to the guitar finish.
  3. Kinda bullshit if you think about it. I really like GIbson and my Firebird, but not even offering a single year warranty on the finish of your product is a bit nuts. I'll probably contact customer service today and see what they say, but I'm not holding my breath. I wonder what's causing this to happen to the finish.
  4. Yeah, I didn't think it was. I MIGHT sort of expect it on a Faded model, but this certainly isn't one.
  5. Yeah It appears my middle, ring, and possibly pinky brush against the pickguard at that spot. It's just really odd to me that the pigment from the finish is so sensitive to allow it to be transferred by my fingers to the pickguard without actually sticking to my fingers. In my 15-ish years of playing guitar I've never had an issue like this. Any ideas on what type of cleaner would be pickguard safe?
  6. Anyone ever seen wear like I'm experiencing on my 2019 Gibson Firebird? It appears like the finish is bleeding or transferring from the guitar body onto the pickguard. It was perplexing at first as I've only had the guitar for little over a year. That said, I play it a ton, and finish transfer (if that's even the right word for it) seems to mirror where my fingers brush against the center section of the Firebird's body while playing . I'm not sure if this bothers me or not yet, but I'm just curious if anyone has experienced anything like this on a Gibson (or other guitar) and what they did to fix it. Edited to add: I use black Dunlop Jazz III picks, for whatever that's worth.
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