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  1. Thanks a ton. Figured that it must have been a fake with the pictures and the bigsby. Perhaps 1500 is too much as well. Not really looking at is as an investment, rather for playing, but i meant perhaps it would be worthwhile re-selling it later on. But yeah, by the looks of it, not really a good copy either.
  2. Hello people, Recently came across a used Black Beauty Es335. I'm attaching some pictures and would honestly like your take on it? Getting it for a fraction of the price (close to a 1500$) as the owner is shifting to another country and is in a hurry. Hoping to get my hands on it but was hoping to get your take on whether this is a worthwhile investment. Here's a link to the pictures, had to use an external source since my attachment limit here has finished. https://imgur.com/a/411sFDq Thanks a ton in advance.
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