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  1. Hello again, Folks. Hey, I'd really really appreciate your help on this....I want to purchase a replacement premap module for this bass. I called Epiphone directly and they told me that I'd have to go to a dealer and have them order it. I went to (large) dealer and they tell me that their Gibson/Epiphone support person is not responding to the inquiry....multiple tries over 3 weeks. I'm at a loss on this....how can I get a replacement preamp? Thanks in advance for any support you can provide.....really.
  2. What I meant to say is that the pickups are passive and they run through the module. No option for passive/active.
  3. Hello folks, I’m working on one of these basses for a friend. It is the full active model. When I plug the output cable in, sound comes out of the bass for about 2 seconds and then fades off to nothing rather quickly. The battery is minty fresh. Anyone have any tips on solving this? I thinking of verifying all the wiring is per the diagram in this thread, and then maybe replacing the module if I don’t find any discrepancies. Thoughts? Thanks. Michael
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