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  1. Or Fender GT's Red, White, & Blue rating?
  2. Howdy all~ Just as JJ has their EL844 for 'allegedly' earlier breakup, does any maker have the same thing going on for the venerable 6V6? The amp is one of my many fantastic homebrews, with this one having been pulled from an old Bell & Howell projector & brought back to life as a very solid amp, with 2x6V6, 1x6SC7, 1x6J7, & a 5Z4 recto that you could cook a Kobi steak on,,, Amp sounds fantastic w/that classic robust 6V6 sound w/some grain drive,,, BUT, short of having my tech ripping apart this overbuilt chassis again, if i could get the the amp to sound like it's '12' instead of
  3. Good day all~ I'm writing on behalf of a dear buddy & phenomenal, award winning pro guitarist who has this olde as the hills (late 50)) amp that is forever blowing fuses, most of the time upon turn-on. I hooked him up with a literal old geezer (but 2 yrs younger than me🤔 & the sweetest guy) who can fix & rebuild anything from an old Crosley radio to a large LCD, & modern day 400 wpc Phase Linear ss amp, circuit board, HW, & even fixed my ultra high-end SACD everything player that needed a $20 laser replaced. To date, he's built me almost 10 tweed killers made from old 40 &
  4. Greetings one & all~ Just curious to know if anyone has had any experience or confrontation with what's known as a GIBSON/BELL BA15-RV,, not the GA, but the BA? I've owned & still have oodles of Gibsons, like GA20,GA20T, GA40-T, & a Bell GA78 stereo w/trem, no verb, & 2xP10Q's,,& it was ONE of the 2 best amps I've EVER owned,, with a VOX AC10-Twin being #1,, and I'm getting 'A.A.S.',,, 2 6v6, 5y3, 3x6eu7's & a 12au7, & a P12R,, Here's a mugshot, & please, DO tell of your thoughts. Many thanks in advance & much healthy rockin'~
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