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  1. I'm currently using Martin Retros on my '70 'bird. I'm also fond of John Pearse PBs on that guitar.
  2. Thanks for the reply! If I could "like" your post I most certainly would do so. In the mean time, I'll accept the status quo, and know that I'm in good company!
  3. Thanks for responding! Unfortunately, there is no grey (or any other color) heart on any posts that I can see until someone has liked a post, at which time I can see a blue heart in the right bottom corner of the post with a number, but if I click on the blue heart nothing happens. I'm able to post and quote others posts, but the "like" feature seems to be missing from my forum experience. Any insights or suggestions would be appreciated.
  4. As a newbie I was searching for a way to like posts and discovered this timely thread. Unfortunately, for me there is no "little blue heart" that appears anywhere on posts that have yet to receive a like. Posts that have received likes appear with a blue heart, but when I click to add a like to such a post nothing happens. Any advice to resolve this issue would be most appreciated!
  5. In 1970 my father worked for the company that provided lacquer for Gibson. Because of my Dad's company's connections at Gibson, he was able to get a Hummingbird at "cost" for me for my 19th birthday. It was the most memorable birthday of my life, and I was duly thrilled to have my first quality guitar! Unfortunately, the guitar was subsequently severely damaged in an airline baggage compartment mishap less than 6 months after I got it. The top was broken in half with corresponding structural damage to bracing, neck joint and more. Fortunately at the time, a luthier was able to do repai
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