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  1. that was my post about the same issue, it looks kinda like dents on mine but it’s the whole way around. I had picked up a SJ-200 prior to this so I was surprised how light the j—150 was! 😂
  2. I posted about this on my new Noel Gallagher J-150, assuming you have the same since that's the only J-150's I'm aware of releasing in 2021. I was told on my post that this is normal, I've learned to love all this character on mine!
  3. I think it broke when changing the strings. The saddle was pretty tall and I was having trouble with the low E and A string bridge pins, when putting new strings on, the pins were slipping out when I began to tighten the string down. The only thing that worked was to hold the pin down while bringing it closer to tune, and I’m guessing height of the saddle and that extra force down did it? The saddle had a little forward lean to it, which maybe contributed? After I finished and played a little was re-tuning and it was having trouble holding it and noticed it was cracked, so I’m not sure where in that process it broke. I had a compensated saddle put in by local GC but have since received a new blank to be fitted from Gibson. I have been a little worried, the GC tech put a good amount of relief in the neck (to offset smaller saddle height?) which I thought was too much so I flattened it out a bit after about a month. I wasn’t sure such a new guitar should have that much relief yet? It’s got some fret buzz now so I’m looking forward to getting that new saddle in there.
  4. I knew they were coated, I did not like the feel at all, but did like the sound. I’ve replaced them with Martin PB Lights, though I’d love to try those OEM strings without coating if they make them.
  5. Just curious how everyone is getting along with their new J-150s? I’m in love with mine, it felt a little cramped on the lower frets at first but have adjusted, love the sound. I have Martin PB lights on there and like the combo now that it’s broken in a little bit. I’ve found it bro be a pretty good finger picker as well as an excellent strummer. My OG saddle broke and Gibson sent me what seems to be an enormous blank to have it fitted but have been getting on just fine right now with the compensated saddle I used when the original broke. happy playing
  6. Thanks for the vote of confidence that there is nothing left to worry about here. You are correct on the pic, that is light just hitting the grain, I can assure everyone the top of the bridge is not being separated from the sides of the bridge. I just gave Gibson a call, they are shipping me a new saddle, will probably have it re-set up once it comes in.
  7. So I ended up putting Martin MA540 PB on there and while it is familiar sound to me, it definitely took some of the sparkle out of the guitar. The factory strings sounded good, I just didn't like them under my fingers. I got a pack of DAddario PB Mediums, which I think are the next set up from the factory size wise and going to see if I like them better.
  8. Yeah it is playing a lot better and the action is not nearly as high. I am about to call Gibson though and see if I can get a replacement so I have original OEM parts. The only thing that made me nervous with the GC tech is he said he gave it more relief than he normally would. So I backed the relief off a little bit last night when I got home (very nerve wracking) and I think the action is almost perfect now.
  9. This is the new NG. What issues do you see? I know you mentioned the bridge lifting but I am sure it’s not lifting. I can’t slip paper under it or anything, it looks fine in person but see the shadow you are talking about in pics. I did take it to guitar tech to get a new saddle. It’s compensated and fits and the guitar is set up pretty nicely now, but I’m still going to contact Gibson and see what they say. The tech was at Guitar Center, I was pretty nervous having him do it, but I did get the guitar through them. He did say he relieved the neck a bit, I can tell there’s curvature now in the neck but the action is nice, but I honestly don’t have a local luthier other than GC.
  10. Hey All - new Noel G. J-150 (see other threads I've participated in). I worked up the courage to change the strings out, wasn't enjoying the factory ones. The bridge pins are slippery and I had to hold them in place as I tightened or else they would just slip out as tension was tightening. I heard some crackles along the way and didn't think anything of it - until I was looking over the action and I noticed the Saddle is now busted! To be honest the action was super high and I changed to Martin Acoustic PB Mediums (MA550). Is it putting Mediums on this thing that caused that? I had some other saddles laying around of different type from when I upgraded my EJ200SACE to bone, but the action is now way to low, its buzzing like crazy. Definitely want some advice on how to move forward. Should I only put Lights on this J-150? Should I contact Gibson? Just get a real bone saddle?
  11. Thanks for the continued information everyone! It definitely doesn't bother me if its not anything that is considered damaged, if anything after watching that video above I think it gives it even more character and uniqueness being hand made. I noticed the edging on the back of one of the shoulders is slightly not straight and seeing how this comes together in that video you can see how some variation can be expected! On a side note - I really enjoyed that finger-picking/strumming music to that video - any ideas where tab might be or what song that is? I don't usually play that style but trying to get into it and that seems like a great example!
  12. Definitely want Maple J-200 recommendations - I would assume its the same experience? Most of the info I have seen so far is on J-200's but have only ever used Martin Acoustic strings on my acoustics (and enjoy them). I use normal PB (92% Copper) - with 80/20 would I notice much of a difference in feel? I know I don't like those coated strings, I don't care if they sound awesome they are just too weird in my fingers.
  13. What are others using for strings on their J-150? I am not liking these factory ones and thinking of going to Martin PB MA540 (Light) or MA550 (Mediums). I use them on all my other acoustics and have the mediums on my Epi EJ200SCE. I just don't like the texture and they seem rather small even compared to the Martin 540's (Lights). If I end up not liking the Martin's and trying to get back to factory, what are the factory strings? I have seen some J200 strings online - but I've also seen these are just DAddario light PB's.
  14. Hey All, As discussed in other threads, I am enjoying a recently acquired J-150 (Noel G. Sig) and it is really starting to open up and is just beautiful to look at! While admiring it, I noticed the one of the sides has some ‘dimension’ to it. When light is reflecting, you can almost see what looks to be a long dent, but it seems like maybe its more the grain raised in the wood that is causing this. You can barely feel ‘elevation’ of a ridge that runs down the side of the guitar, but you can feel it. It’s pretty easy to see in person but very hard to capture on pics - in the ones attached if you notice the reflection of the curtain, on one side its clean straight lines (last pic), on the other side you can see the lines curve in two places which s the edges of the ridge. I have tried to include other pics that show this as well. This doesn’t bother me, I am just curious to know that this is normal and an explanation of what it could be. Given there is only 200 of these made, I’ll assume it makes it even more unique, but want to make sure its not a sign of damage or anything as I had it shipped to the desert and it took a while. Grain side No grain side
  15. Yeah I have gone back and forth if its the edges of the frets or the fretboard. At first I thought it was the first fret, it does seem like maybe it is protruding a teeny bit - but after feeling more, its just a pretty unrounded bass side of the fret board. It seems slightly less rounded than the treble side. Anyways - was just something that I noticed - I figured its new, unplayed and no binding, so will smooth out over time. Its not leaving a cut or anything.
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