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  1. This is positive news! I was cc'd on an email from Gibson to GC CS that your "case candy" as they called it would ship from Gibson to the GC facility where your guitar shipped from, then be sent to you. We really just need the sound hole sticker sorted out. But if Gibson is aware and seems to be working to resolve it, that really is ideal. I don't disagree about the GC experience you have gotten or how you feel as a result. I plan on sharing this thread link with many people once all the dust settles and everyone is squared away. Though I technically work for Music & Arts, our ent
  2. I would go to the store where you supposedly have one "on order" and ask to speak with the Store Manager. Ask for verification and an order number. If you aren't satisfied with what you hear, DM me and I can get details for you. Thanks, and good luck!
  3. GC inventory update... Guitars are beginning to ship! Keep space on your method of payment available funds so we have no last-minute declines. These are trickling out about 1-2 per week, at the moment. DM me if you need more info/details as always. Thanks! #itsgettingbetterman
  4. GC inventory update... Still no change. Waiting on Gibson to finish the prep and ship our last 8. You may see what looks to be an additional charge to your card on the order. This is just us continuing the "pending charge" a little longer. We can't actually process/batch the payment until the guitar is shipped to you, so we're just holding the $$ as pending to ensure your charge goes through the moment we ship... neither of us want your card to decline at the last moment! Happy to answer specific questions with a DM. Will update again next week!
  5. GC inventory update... We have a delay in shipping until likely late July as we are still waiting for the 8 remaining guitars to arrive to our KCDC distribution center from Gibson Montana. Has nothing to do with manufacturing, defects, issues with the instrument, nothing at all like that. They just aren't ready to ship. 😕 My people will keep me updated as things progress. Next update will probably be in a couple of weeks. Sorry everyone! #hunginabadplace #sittinghereinsilence #onmyown
  6. GC inventory update... Still waiting for the remaining 8 guitars ordered online to arrive in Nashville from Gibson Montana. ETA is 7/4, but since that's a Sunday, it will almost certainly be a day or two before or the day or two after. Should have specifics shortly. I have all of the account #s and names of those 8 folks (mine included!) and can privately confirm with anyone. DM me! Thanks y'all! #mrsifter #thesinkisfulloffishes #rkid
  7. You would have had to selected in-store pickup at the time of the order, unless you call CS now and request the shipping method be changed.
  8. GC inventory update: All guitars for the web sales distribution should be in stock by July 5 and ship immediately after. A few have already arrived and are in the mail. I'm told that even though I was unlucky #13 in the ordering line on the day of, 3 orders have been cancelled since and now I'm in the club! I should have the final list of order#'s with shipments (either made or pending that last delivery) on Monday. I'll get those details first, then ping those of you I have spoken to privately to confirm those orders/shipments have happened. Exciting days ahead! We're almos
  9. I honestly don't know. I've seen the internal screen with all of the orders placed and we are definitely at our 12. What happens once the allotment is met, I don't know. Happy to point folks in the right direction of CS if necessary. DM me if that's the case. Good luck!
  10. That's what the message was at 9pm PDT. This morning I'm going to contact our folks at the office to see how many orders have been placed and if there are any left for customers. I'm sort of surprised that all 12 aren't already gone, TBH.
  11. The 8/12 decision was made months ago, before anyone started calling around to secure them and long before any preordering was possible.
  12. BTW, of the 200 made, GC got 20 total... 8 went to select stores in the US, 12 to the distribution center in Kansas City for web order distribution. I am a director of sales for their enterprise and even I couldn't get any help on this guitar. Had to hit the refresh button just like yall. VERY high demand. Will sell out today. Good luck out there!
  13. These went up on the GC website at 9pm PDT and still seem to be available.
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